How To Hypnotize People

Hypnosis is a technique for relaxation and suggestion whereby the person being hypnotized is placed into a slightly altered state where he is open to suggestion from another person. Some consider it a party trick to be hypnotized while others consider it a viable treatment option for phobias. If you want to be able to hypnotize people, whatever the reason, you might want to consider taking a course like the ones I just linked to. But you can follow these steps to get started.

Focus object
Comfortable chair
Time to relax
Person to hypnotize

  1. Get the person comfortable. Settle the person into a comfortable chair or sofa. Let him relax and get comfortable for several minutes.
  2. Breathe deeply. Remember to breathe with the person you are trying to hypnotize. Slowly inhale and hold the breath for one beat, then exhale. Repeat the deep breathing pattern until both you and the other person are relaxed.
  3. Instruct the person to focus on an object. Focus is part of the relaxation process. You’ve probably seen old movies where the hypnotist makes the patient focus on a watch swinging like a pendulum. This doesn’t have to be how you focus. Consider having the participant focus on a related object if he is trying to connect with a specific memory of an even or another person. Mental focus can also be achieved by having the person remember a place where he feels safe such as a childhood bedroom, the beach or wherever is personal for him.
  4. Speak slowly, softly and in a controlled fashion. As much as you want to relax the other person, you must relax and control yourself. Pay close attention to your speaking voice. Talk slowly and softly, controlling your tone and your speed. If offering suggestions while the participant is under hypnosis, remember to give precise, clear instructions in the same controlled tone.
  5. Listen to tone as well as words spoken. When a person is relaxed enough to fall into hypnosis, his breathing slows and often his tone of voice changes. Listen closely to the changes. You will be able to tell when he is open to suggestion.
  6. Avoid pushing or forcing hypnosis. Trying to force hypnosis into a specific memory or trying to move too fast will hinder the process.
  7. Be patient. Developing the skill to consistently be able to hypnotize people takes time. Go slowly and you will succeed.

Hypnosis is at its core a relaxation technique. In order to excel at hypnotizing people, you must remain calm and relaxed and be able to transfer that calm to the person you are working with.


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I can never get this method to work. Oh well, I'll just keep trying :D

By Kashy Ali