How To Identify Common Neurological Disorders

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The brain is something we sometimes take for granted. Sometimes, it just stops functioning properly. Because it is the highest part of our self, the highest level connected to almost everything that we have, neurological disorders are hard to cure. Below you can find the most common disorders that have been plaguing mankind.

  • Stroke – A stroke happens when blood going through the brain has been instantly stopped, and this will cease the brain cells in their functioning. When this happens, the proper amount of oxygen will not be rendered to the brain. The blood stoppage can happen when arteries of the brain become too narrow and cause disruption. Multiple sclerosis can also materialize, that means hardening of the arteries, which can lead to brain damage. It can also be caused by clots from the heart leading to clotting in the brain area. Medical surveys show that people die from a stroke nearly as often as from cancer.
  • Huntington’s Disease – People with diseases such as this can go on for 35 years but it always ends up in death. Clinical findings show that this is due to genetics.  Even if a person was born normal, pediatrics will not be able to diagnose this. This disorder can show up later on in life. A symptom of having Huntington's Disease is a sense of imbalance. The person has difficulty in restraining motion and not being steady on one’s feet. When this is fully blown, it would make the person incapable to speak and have difficulty in eating or drinking.
  • Parkinson’s Disease – Doctors find this disease hard to diagnose, and they need to do several tests and brain scans to make sure it is not any other disease. This is characterized by a tremor in the limbs and other parts of the body or inflexibility, being slow in moving, and incapability to sit or stand correctly. As it takes longer in the body, it could lead to permanent disability of not being able to do normal everyday activities. According to medical journals, this usually affects people who hit the age of fifty and above.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – is a disease that makes people lose their memory, forget their loved ones even. People taking care of people with Alzheimer’s sometimes have to have a background in pediatrics because when it becomes too severe, it could lead to seniors acting like children. This disease damages brain cells enough to affect their thinking and the way they act towards others. There is no medicine for this, but continuous research is being done.
  • Epilepsy – This causes convulsions. A person who suffers from epilepsy can just be standing next to you and the next thing you know they are on the floor having seizures. This is caused by the sudden blast of energy and electricity in a part of the brain that causes an imbalance. It can also be caused by excessive tiredness and stress.

Neurological disorders are something that are usually unable to be cured. Being diagnosed early can be beneficial, so preventive measures can be taken. Studies are being done to find out more about each disease. Hopefully one day, all of these can be removed by popping a pill.


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