How To Improve Leg Strength with Squats

The muscle group in the legs is by far the most powerful, strongest and even the biggest muscles in your body. It enables you to do everyday things like walking, running and even prolonged standing.

There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy if you train and increase your leg strength. It includes power build up, hip flexibility and knee stability. It is also essential if you want to get in shape or to better yourself in your favorite sports. Almost all physical sports rely on leg power to be good at them.

One specific exercise for improving your leg strength is doing the squats. It is a full body exercise that involves weight training either using bars or your own bodyweight. This exercise allows you to gradually develop your muscles and increase the power you can exert through your legs. Commit to do this and have regular repetitions to gradually increase power.

There are various forms of squat that will suit your need. The most recommended form is the one legged squat or the so called pistol squat. It is done by supporting your whole body with one leg and lowering the entire weight then pushing it back up to the original position. As simple as it sounds, it is quite difficult and challenging for beginners. 

In detail you begin the squat in a standing position. Then stretch your leg out as straight as possible and squat down allowing your thigh reach your calf. This will allow you to use all your bodyweight as your counter weight for the squat. You can use your arms to balance yourself as you do the squats in repetitions. Eventually you can increase your workout by doing full squats and greater number of repetitions. Do this one leg at a time and have equal number repetitions for each.

Rushing things before you are even ready for the next level may cause excessive muscle strain and unwanted injuries. Proceed at your own pace and take heart in your steady progress. Have notes and journals to record your daily achievements, reached goals and even ways you think that would help you in your training. You can also have rewards waiting at the end of your session to keep yourself motivated.

The key to achieve good results is consistency and commitment to the program. Do your squats according to your weekly schedule or even have a personal trainer to help you advance your exercise. Personal trainers can guide you to further improve your techniques and skills. Don’t be discouraged if you managed to do little repetitions at first. Remember that it takes time and effort before you can build a momentum and develop your leg strength.

Squats can definitely add strength to your legs. You would be able to exert more power from them in any given situation. Regularly do the squats as maintenance to keep the legs in constant work out form. Remember that sudden stops may have a rebound effect that allows the power you build up to be lost.


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