How To Increase Intuition

Intuition usually comes across as mysterious, something that is exclusively present in people with deep connection to self. Intuition is the gut feel, the hunch, the foresight, and the kind of thought that guesses a possible event or turnout of events. The truth is, everyone is charged with intuition, only a few maximize its potential benefits. Even fewer are people who desire to increase their intuition. Having an increased sense of intuition has greater benefits than you think, so if you want to sharpen your intuition, you can do the following tips.

  • Commit yourself to meditation. Meditation is proven effective in increasing intuition because it clears the mind of all anxieties, life issues, and negative thoughts. It as well deepens an individual’s awareness of his intuition. Meditation is easy to do. Just find a comfortable, peaceful place—your room, for instance—and sit and relax. Keep your eyes closed, pay attention to your breathing, and keep your mind off all mental clutters. Should unwanted thoughts come into your mind, let them linger around until they naturally disappear. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes everyday.
  • Pay attention. Paying attention is not just about looking and hearing; it’s more about seeing more than the eyes can see and listening more than the ears can hear. In other words, you go beyond the physical evidence of things and try to search for other things that connect to your emotions, spirituality, subconscious, and mental faculties. Paying attention is important when you encounter people and situations that require you to decipher the hidden meanings of things.
  • Be perceptive. Your intuition keeps on nudging you, telling you what and what not to do. More often than not, it provides the answers to most of your questions. Sometimes, however, you don’t feel the nudge, because, one, you are insensitive, and two, you don’t expect a nudge. The key here is to be always attuned to your intuition. When you make a mental question, for instance, expect your intuition to reply by giving you a word, a symbol, a thought, or a picture.
  • Practice your intuition. The best way to improve your intuition is to practice. You can do this by challenging your intuition and validating the intuitive responses. For instance, when your door bell rings, guess who the visitor is. Or when you are faced with crossroads, turn to the road suggested by your intuition and find out if it is indeed the right road. As you practice, you will become more aware of your intuition and increase it in the process.

Finally, know yourself more. The more you know about yourself, the more intuitive you will become. For instance, find out how you naturally respond to intuition, what things are keeping you from it, and how you can use it for your benefit. It is also important to learn to trust your intuition. Unless you trust your intuition, you cannot fully benefit from it, because only when you trust can you follow your intuition.


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