How To Increase Penis Size Using Herbs

Using medicinal herbs

Most men want their penis to have an impressive size. It is because of ego why there is such a mindset. Some men think that the size of their penis reflects their capability as men. They shy away should a woman remark that what they carry is small.

Men regard penis size as a measurement of virility and their ability to please women. This is the reason why men go to lengths to look for ways by which they can augment the size of their penis.

Herbs and other drugs are available in the market to satisfy men’s need to be larger. However, you cannot increase the size of your penis permanently even if you take these herbs and drugs on a daily basis. What they do is just increase your penis size and give you a hard-rock erection in only a short period. After some time, your penis will go back to its natural size. Herbs such as Tonkat Ali or Pasak Bumi and Yohimbe aid the purpose of getting you an impressive erection. Here is a systematic list to help you how you can use herbs to increase the size of your penis.

  • You can find other herbs integrated in pills. Before taking these, you have to consult a doctor regarding the side effects. More or less, processed drugs abound to have effects that might be harmful to the body. Therefore, you have to make up your mind as to what you are going to use.
  • The yohimbe root is one of the easiest to prepare. The yohimbe is native to Nigeria and the Congo. West Africans used its bark for many disorders. Fever, cough and leprosy comprise the illnesses that the yohimbe can cure. Recently, experts found out that people could also use this as a remedy to erectile dysfunction. If you are going to choose this as a means of increasing your penis size, you can assure yourself that it does not have any side effects that might only harm you. The first step you must do is slice the yohimbe root up. The pieces should fit your coffee maker’s pan. Saw palmetto, another enhancer is something that should come upon your intake of yohimbe.
  • Prepare the coffee maker. With a tea bag you are going to use, put the pieces in the coffee maker’s reservoir.
  • Fill the coffee maker with a cup of water. After this, you will need to fill the coffee maker with a cup of water. Turn the coffee maker on and wait until it brews. While this is happening, you should already be preparing the saw palmetto. Before taking the yohimbe, you must first take the saw palmetto with cold water. This will serve as a precursor that would ensure the effectiveness of your yohimbe intake.
  • Drink up. Once done, take the hot yohimbe extract. You can also add sugar to the tea to taste, as yohimbe extract is bitter.   

The yohimbe extract is only one of the many herbs that can increase penis size. However, you must bear in mind that these are just temporary. This means that no medical study has proven that there are herbs that can permanently enlarge a man’s penis. However, the herbs available in the market today aid in enhancing a man’s sexual performance. These herbs give virility by increasing a man’s libido after giving him a long-lasting erection.

If you want to increase your penis’ girth and length permanently, you might want to consult doctor recommended massages that would make it possible.


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