How To Increase Vitamin B17 Intake

Vitamin B17 is also called amygdaline or laetrile and found in almost all fruit seeds. It can alleviate many digestive disorders especially constipation. Although called a vitamin, amygdaline is not really a vitamin but a compound of healthy substances that occur in nature. In 1830, Vitamin B17 saw the light of medicine. Today, researchers take interests as they look at vitamin B17 for cancer prevention. There are various ways to increase your intake of vitamin B17.

  • Apricot seeds. Often called the seed of life, apricot seeds contain the most abundant amount of vitamin b17. It also contains linoleic acids, vitamin b1 and olein. There are naturally sundried apricot seeds available in the market today. Confectioneries and natural flavoring for food use oils from apricot seeds.
  • Almonds. Bitter almonds precede apricots when it comes to fruits rich in vitamin B17. There are varieties of ways to have vitamin B17 in your diet by using almonds. You can choose to eat roasted almonds. You can also add almonds to your salad. Toss some green veggies in a bowl and add some vinaigrette. Throw in a handful of almonds for that additional crunch and dash of vitamin B17.
  • Flax. Flax seeds are fibrous seeds rich in vitamin B17, omega-3 fatty acid and micronutrients. It not only helps lower cholesterol, but also serves as antioxidant. You can add a teaspoon of flax seed oil when you bake some cookies. You can also add ground flax seeds to your oatmeal or yogurt.
  • Barley. People commonly use barley for malt in chocolate drinks and other distilled beverages. You may drink beverages fortified in malt. You could also add barley on your beef or chicken stock; add some vegetables, a teaspoon of salt, a dash of black pepper. Presto! You now have your very own homemade barley soup.
  • Apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is not only one of the most abundant fruits in the market, but it is also rich in Vitamin B17. There is a variety of apples found in the market – Fuji apples, Washington apples, rolfe, ribston, etc. You can eat apples fresh. You could also make them into a pie, turnover, fritter or strudel. You could also use apples for Waldorf salad or make it into a double apple mojito.
  • Vitamin B17 Supplements. Scientists are now able to manufacture Vitamin B17 into supplements in capsule, tablet and syrup forms. Take the recommended dose everyday for your daily allowance of Vitamin B17.
  • Vitamin C. Vitamin B17 consumption will not be complete without your daily dose of vitamin C. Whether in pill form, syrup or just your freshly squeezed OJ, consume at least 500 mg of ascorbic acid to help your body absorb and use your ingested Vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17 has many benefits – antioxidant, cell-repair agent, and as some researchers claim, cancer preventing agent. Enjoy eating fruit seeds, fruit seed oils and even vegetables, and get a hefty dose of Vitamin B17.  


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