How To Increase Your Sperm Count

Have you just been married and planning to start a family as soon as possible? Then, it is important that you are conscious of your sperm count because that will increase your chances of getting your wife pregnant. You can get results fast when you begin to have change in your diet. It is important that your body gets the proper nutrients so that everything will be facilitated in your body. The fast foods that you indulge in every now and then are not the source of the proper energy that translates into an increase in sperm count.

This step is actually simple to say but hard to apply by most people who have been used to the usual fattening foods. These fattening foods will just impede the flow of good sperm cells so it is best that you stay away from those foods. In order to increase your sperm count, you need the proper vitamin-rich foods that are so important when you want to achieve this goal. Next, you may think it such a simple and inexpensive way of increasing sperm count, but it is true that water is the best solution to most of the ills that afflicts man today. You just need to drink lots of water and make all those cells refreshed and reinvigorated. So, drink to your heart’s content and you will have all the proper sperm count that will spur you to your goal of having children soon.

Similarly, it is important to stop drinking caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee, soft drinks and chocolates. It has been revealed that these drinks can damage the right production of sperms in the body. That goes as well with alcohol which does the most damage to the cells of the body. What damages your body goes to damages to your sperm count too. Finally, there is the issue on emotional stress that you have to contend with. This is the most important aspect that needs to be controlled. If you are all stressed out, you will not have the energy and the right physical condition to really achieve both your goals. The right frame of mind is the best place to begin with. You will be relaxed well if you are able to calm your mind and engage in some sports activities that will get your body in the right condition.

Remember it is a healthy body that will produce healthy sperms and even the quantity of sperms. Now, if you really want to have a baby fast, you need to tell your spouse that after your love making, she has to put up her legs so that she can assist the sperms to go up the fallopian tube and find the egg there. The egg will stay there for only 24 hours and then will fall off. So, it is also the right timing of your healthy sperm cells that matters. If you take care of you health, then, you will be assured that those sperms will have the stamina to look for that egg waiting to be fertilized.


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