How To Increase Your Vertical Leap

If you need to learn how to jump higher, you don't need to wish for springs on your shoes. Follow this guide and you'll increase your vertical leap easily.

Step 1

Practice your lifts. To build strength in your legs in order to increase your vertical leap, start by doing some lifts. A full back squat will help an athlete increase the amount of load he can put on his spine. This will keep the body stable under tension (or when you're jumping vertically). Do several repetitions a week, increasing your weight often. When you do lifts correctly, you should experience a 5% gain each week, which will carry over to your vertical jumping abilities.

Step 2

Work on your explosive and plyometric training. Aside from all the weight lifting, you can also increase your vertical strength by doing some field workouts. Start with some tempo runs, and then move into sprints. When you're comfortable with that, try downhill sprints and higher-intensity plyometrics. Gradually, you'll improve your intensity for both, and you will be able to use this new strength to bring that burst of energy to your leaping abilities.

Step 3

Improve your arm strength. To leap higher, you need to boost yourself higher. Your upper body strength will help you with this. Try throwing a ball into the air just above your head, and catch it right at your waistline. Then immediately throw it as high as you can above your head. Using a medicine ball for this exercise is best, since it will improve your arm strength faster than a regular ball.

Step 4

Work on your core. The final part of your workout routine should be to work on you core muscles. Do sit-ups and crunches to help tighten and strengthen your abs. The more muscle you have, the easier you'll be able to improve your vertical leap.

Step 5

Practice jumping higher. Once you have a better training routine, you should start practicing your vertical leaps. Visualize yourself jumping higher and concentrate on that. Mental practice has been known to improve athlete performance, so don't discount the idea of closing your eyes and imagining a higher jump first. It will work! 

After your mental practice, prepare to physically jump. Swing your arms with all the force you can to give you upward momentum. Extend your arms upward and then right as you jump, push them downward with all the strength you can. They should point downward right as you reach the peak of your jump. The proper position of your arms is critical to the success of your vertical jump. Get it just right, and you'll improve your vertical leap.


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