How To Induce Vomiting: Ways to Make Yourself Vomit

Get Tips on Inducing Vomiting

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If you have swallowed something you shouldn't have or need to vomit after an evening of too much alcohol, it is possible to induce vomiting. If you need to upchuck and fast, then follow these steps to help rid your body of something harmful.

These tips for will help you make yourself throw up. 

  1. Call poison control. Before you begin inducing vomiting make sure it is the best course of action. If you have had too much alcohol then vomiting may be your best bet. If you have swallowed another substance that could be poison, then your first step must be to call poison control. Some poisons will cause more damage on the way up through your esophagus than they cause when swallowed. Poison control 1-800-222-1222.
  2. Identify the substance. If you know what you swallowed, let poison control know what it was. Poisons such as antifreeze, rat poison and household cleaners are often swallowed by mistake by children and pets. Knowing what the substance was will help poison control identify whether you should induce vomiting or not. If poison control authorizes you to do it, or you know it was just drinking alcohol, then follow the remaining steps.
  3. Swallow an emetic. Emetics are substances that induce vomiting. The most common of these is ipecac. Follow the instructions to mix the ipecac with water and then drink the mixture. Make certain that you follow all instructions and warnings.
  4. If you don't have an emetic, try the stick your finger down your throat method. Find the muscle at the back of your throat that dangles down. Lightly press your finger against this muscle. Don't jab or poke this muscle as it is sensitive and can become damaged. Instead you just need to touch it lightly with a small move against the muscle. Once you feel tightness in your throat, remove your finger.
  5. Stand up and bend over at the waist. This bending helps protect your lungs from any vomit entering them while leaving your body. When possible vomit into a toilet to reduce the mess. If you are not near a toilet, try a trash receptacle or outside on the grass where you can use a hose to remove the mess.
  6. After vomiting, sip cool water. Vomiting can cause damage to your esophagus so you should only do it when absolutely necessary. Once you have finished, stand up straight and sip cool water. The liquid will sooth your throat and esophagus and help reduce the chance of dehydration.

Now you know how to make yourself throw up. It is possible to induce vomiting with a few easy steps. You should only try this when absolutely necessary to remove something harmful from your body quickly. Again, heed any advice from poison control regarding hazardous substances before inducing vomiting.


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