How To Insert a Tube for Colon Cleansing

The colon is a part of the large intestine that gets the moisture from food residues.  As the colon is exposed to waste elements such as undigested food, acid, and mucous, it is important to regularly have it cleansed. Regular cleansing will save your colon from getting infected with parasites.

“Detox” is a common word used to refer to colon cleansing as this will detoxify the body to significantly improve health. There are many available options for you to choose from when it comes to detoxifying. One is by the help of a specialized diet or with the use of a colon cleansing tube.

Read the instructions below to learn how you can properly insert the tube.

Materials needed:

  • Colon tube
  • Enema bag
  • Natural lubricant
  • IV pole or towel rack


  • Get warmed up. Keep your body temperature up by doing some warm up exercises. Walk around the block or on a treadmill for a few minutes.
  • Hang the enema bag. Get the enema bag and hang it on the IV pole. You can also use a towel rack or wall hooks for this. Place it not more than a couple of feet higher than your height while standing so it will not run too fast.
  • Connect the colon tube to the enema bag. Get the colon tube and hold one end and attach it to the bag.  Medium-sized colon tubes like size twenty four or twenty six French DAVOL is more preferred than the smaller ones as they are more likely to be hazardous to the colon.
  • Lubricate it. Using natural lubricants like natural vegetable oil or creams lubricate the colon tube for easier and smoother insertion. Also apply some lubricant around your anus, and even a few inches inside.
  • Insert the tube.  Lay down comfortably on a couch or bed and stay on your left. Take one deep breath as you squeeze the tube all the way to your colon.  Control the enema flow and start with a small flow. Push the tube a bit further inside the colon gently. The tube may go in about 21 to 20 inches. This should still be comfortable if you are using a soft rubber-like tube.  If you feel uncomfortable after only a few inches, stop. Do not force the tube any further. Remember that you should be relaxed as you do this step. If your muscles are tensed, they will contract and it will be more difficult to get the tube in, even with a lubricant.
  • Observe proper position.  Once you have the tube properly in, you can now lie on your back. Get a pillow and place it under your hips. This will help control the flow with the help of gravity.

Breathe normally as you let the fluid go in deeper. Keep the enema flowing for 10 to 15 minutes. You can stop the enema flow sooner if you feel uncomfortable already, but resume after a few minutes to empty the enema bag.

Relax and let it sit for several minutes. After that, you can now get up to expel it in the toilet.

Depending on how comfortable you are with the idea, you can ask the help of a nurse or other medical practitioners to assist you in the whole process.


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