How To Jump Higher in 14 Days

Training to jump higher involves a lot of work and commitment. But can it be done within 14 days? It’s possible! You just need to focus on your program and maximize each day to increase your vertical leap. To help you even more, here’s how you do it.

  • Record your initial jump. Don’t forget to do this for comparison of results. This will be your basis for any improvement done within the 14-day period. Measure your vertical leap by deducting your standing reach with your highest jump reach.
  • Assess yourself. Know your current capabilities and overall well being of your body. You should have a holistic approach in improving your jump. Take in consideration factors such as diet, exercise management, physical rest and even your personal schedule to fit in your program.
  • Have a trainer. Even great athletes depend on personal trainers to maintain their great body condition. So if you can shell out the extra greens, a trainer can greatly improve and personalize your very own 14-day regimen.
  • Do key exercises. You can do weighted exercises or even plyometric exercises to improve your jumping abilities. Both exercises are beneficial and could fit in the 14-day program to ensure potential growth in the given time. Have around three sets and 15 to 20 repetitions per exercise for your squats and lifts. You can also do box jumps, speed roping, and sprinting to further give explosive power in your jumps. The concept behind box jumps is that it actually gives the muscles needed for jumping an all around work out. You just need a box that can support your body weight for this exercise. Speed roping doubles the effect of normal jump ropes. Sprinting is beneficial for that abrupt power shift to your legs which is vital in improving your vertical leap.
  • Your personal schedule. Once you’ve identified the best workout for you, plot them against a calendar. Remember to itemize each workout and goals to be achieved that day. Mark an “X” each day that passes until it’s the 14th day of your program. Have post-it reminders throughout the day in order to really stick to your program. Include your work schedule as well as resting time to reduce instances of burning out from your exercise.
  • Maintain optimum health level. Over exercising may decrease your energy level and increase physical fatigue. To prevent this, you should have a good source of energy for your workouts. You need to eat the right kind of food and have ample time for rest and sleep. Remember that your body also needs to function at its peak to further increase the effects of your training.
  • Measure your success. Compare your reach after 14 days of full commitment to the program using the same method in Day 1. You’ll be amazed on what you can achieve if you truly focused on something.

Now you can jump as high and be a better athlete in your own field! Reap the benefits of your hard work and dedication to the 14-Day program.


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