How To Keep Being Skinny

There are many ways to stay skinny, but it does not have to be as complicated as some claim. There is no reason to follow a particular diet program. Keeping it simple is a better idea.

One of the best ways to keep being skinny is to be sure you are getting plenty of water daily. Some research on this issue may reveal that you should have between half an ounce to one ounce of water daily for each pound you weigh. Keep in mind that beverages filled with sodium and preservatives are not a good replacement for water.

Think about replacing any juice or sugary beverages with water immediately. Avoid putting sugar in any hot beverages you drink. This alone can make a major difference when it comes to calories intake.

Also consider eating as much fiber as is recommended. The average adult should have approximately 50 grams of fiber daily, yet many adults don't eat half of what is recommended.

Protein is another important factor when your are trying to stay thin. This does not mean you should eat high protein meals. However, you need sufficient protein to stay thin. Subsisting on junk foods or low quality proteins will not help you achieve your goal.

Consider having each meal contain quality protein, vegetables, and a serving of fruit. Having a salad before each lunch and dinner, followed by a serving of soup or fruit will help you eat less. Learn what a true portion size is, and stick with this.

Many people find that making homemade vegetable soups are a big help. A serving of soup you make yourself will not contain the salt and fat commercial soups do. You can make the soup the way you like it, and include several types of beans for protein and fiber.

You do not have to give up bread when you are trying to stay thin. There are many breads on the market that are high in fiber and lower in calories than the bleached out breads you may have eaten as a child. Look for a quality whole grain bread that includes protein and fiber.

If you find yourself having to eat in restaurants on a regular basis you can still stay skinny by making the right choices. Look for salads on the menu, and enjoy lean entrees. Every restaurant offers healthy food choices to fit every lifestyle.

Exercise is not to be overlooked when you are trying to stay skinny. Exercise does not have to be boring or tedious. Even if your choice is to merely walk for 30 minutes a day this will help you stay thin.

If you really want to keep being skinny, following these ideas faithfully will help you stay thin.


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