How To Keep Blood Sugar Stable as a Diabetic

A lot of people with type 1 or 2 diabetes have the notion that it is necessary to maintain the same levels of their blood sugar all throughout the day. Realistically, even people without diabetes do have variations of levels daily. The important thing to remember if you are a diabetic is that you set a healthy regimen for yourself, which will keep your blood sugar as stable as you can so it doesn’t swing and vary, which can be very dangerous for you. Healthy eating habits and daily physical exercises are very good ways to maintain stability in blood sugar levels. The following suggestions listed are steps you can take to keep your blood sugar consistently at a safe level:

  • Eat small portions of food frequently during the day. Every 2 to 3 hours of light eating is a very effective way of stabilizing your blood sugar. What this does for you is keep you full helping you to control your appetite and lessening your yearning for carbohydrate intake. Consuming carbohydrates must be limited for diabetics and under direct supervision of a physician. If you eat more often, you must not eat that much per sitting either. It should be just enough to satisfy hunger pangs.
  • If you do eat certain carbohydrates, you will need to include proteins from lean types of food such as fish, chicken, and other products made from soy. This must be combined so your diet is nutritionally balanced each time you eat a full meal. Steer away from refined carbohydrates such as white flour as they are dangerous for diabetics. This will cause a quick and significant rise in a person’s blood sugar.
  • It is recommended that a person with diabetes takes in fiber of at least 30 grams each day. You may find these from natural foods such as vegetables or whole grains. Other types of fiber products can be added into your water or included in your food.
  • When eating, there are certain condiments you can add that can decrease your levels of blood sugar. Two types of these condiments that have been proven to do so are extracts from mulberry and cinnamon. Combined with the proper diet, they do help in a big way.
  • Skipping meals is a big no-no for diabetics. This will definitely destabilize your blood sugar levels and can cause very serious consequences.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to live a normal life if you are diabetic. A lot of unfavorable situations can be avoided by trying to follow a healthy routine when it comes to eating habits. This is directly linked to blood sugar levels. This routine may seem a bit stringent compared to the rest, but if you do it consistently, it will soon become second nature to you. Make sure to follow your physician’s recommendation. He knows what is best for you to maintain your blood sugar level. Try to keep a healthy lifestyle as well, with your physical exercises. This way you are also keeping your body fit. Do not allow diabetes to control the way you live. Instead, learn how to control it by doing the right thing for your body.


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