How To Keep Children Safe on Stairs

Kids' safety on stairs

Any child finds climbing up and down the stairs an adventure. Children get a certain feeling of thrill once they reach the top. However, the stairs can cause accidents and as parents, you should make the stairs safe for children. Here are some helpful tips you can follow.

Impose simple staircase rules. Impose some rules about climbing up and down the stairs to make it safe for the children. These rules should be able to help you minimize accidents but should not stop the children from going up and down the stairs. These rules can be as simple as letting you know if they need to go up and down the stairs so you can watch and make sure that they go up properly. Or, you can impose rules like no playing on the stairs. Come up with rules that your children can follow and explain thoroughly why you are implementing these rules. Make sure that they understand and all their questions should be answered. If they did well and followed your rules, do not forget to acknowledge this good deed.

Install safety gates. If you have toddlers at home, it is best to install safety gates. A wide variety of safety gates are available in the market. Choose a safety gate that is most suitable for your home and make sure that it is secured and installed properly to avoid accidents.

Keep your stairs clutter-free. Make sure that your staircase is clean and clutter-free. Pick up any item left on the staircase to avoid accidents. To avoid toys scattered on the staircase, conduct a daily routine check. You may also involve your child in this routine by assigning them a specific time to check the stairs.

Your child should also be able to grip the stair railings easily. This will prevent your child from slipping and getting out of balance while going up or down the stairs. If the handle is too high and your child has difficulty on holding on to it, then it is best to make the necessary adjustments. You should also make sure that the handle is secure in its location and cannot be easily removed.

Improve visibility. The edge of each step should be visible. If the color of your stairs is dark, you may add visible markers at the edge of the steps as a precaution. Guide your child through the marker and let them know how to use the markers as a guide.

It is also important to make sure that the stairs are well lighted, especially at night. This will help your child safely go up and down even if unaccompanied.

Remember, going up and down the stairs can be fun for children and to make it safe for them, it is important for you to implement these tips. You should also take time to train your child on how to safely go up and down the stairs to avoid accidents.


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