How To Keep Menstrual Cramps Under Control

Many women throughout the world suffer from painful menstrual cramps caused by the contracting of the uterus every month. The best ways of targeting the pain is by alleviating the pains caused by the contracting of muscles, and not by covering up all pain in the body. In a way, menstrual cramps are basically muscle cramps located in a different part of your body.

  1. One main way of keeping menstrual cramps under control is to avoid drinking or eating anything cold. Cold causes muscles to contract and can cause cramps to worsen, so eating that pint of chocolate ice cream might make you feel better mentally, but it’ll make your body hurt more. Instead, drink Chamomile tea which can make your entire body relax, and drink lots of hot water. But avoid non-herbal teas, coffee or anything else high in caffeine.
  2. Keeping your abdomen warm can help keep your menstrual cramps under control. Avoid exposing yourself to cold weather. A hot water bottle or heating pad around your waist will relax your muscles. One way to make a impromptu heating pad is by heating a sock full of rice or beans in the microwave and applying it to the cramping areas.
  3. Taking a hot soak can help relax your body even more. Adding a few drops of lavender or marjoram oil to the bath water can help you release the tension from your body and keep menstrual cramps under control. However, avoid using spa packaged bubble baths as some chemicals may cause irritation within the vagina. It is best to stick with the basic oils and water.
  4. Another way to keep cramps under control is by exercising. It might be the last thing you want to do, but exercise encourages the body to release natural painkillers that can push away pains. A brief jog or a quick walk should be sufficient enough.
  5. One stretch is good for temporarily keeping menstrual cramps under control is a back stomach stretch. First, lie on your back and then pull your legs up so that your feet are still touching the ground but your knees are higher than your stomach.
  6. Drinking warm milk and eating bananas can also help keep menstrual cramps under control. The calcium in the milk is a good muscle relaxer and the potassium in banana’s are also good at relieving menstrual cramps. If you are unable to drink milk, any other food high in calcium works well and even taking calcium pills will help.
  7. If your cramps become so unbearable that it begins to interfere with everything, taking pain reliever may be the best options. It is recommended to take pain relievers a few days before the period actually begins. If over the counter medication doesn’t work, it is probably best to see a doctor for stronger drugs.


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