How To Kill the Swine Flu and Other Viruses

With diseases like swine flu, meningitis and even just the regular flu sweeping across the world today, it never hurts to be doubly sure that your health is not compromised. It can be downright terrifying when you catch it, and it can even be worse when the unfortunate victim is a family member. This is why you can never be too cautious when it comes to disease, especially those that stem from the flu, as those are the kinds that hit the most often, yet are still dangerous enough to be deadly in a worst case scenario.

What is even worse is that many people today simply do not have the money to properly take care of themselves or their families because of the job recession that has hit practically the whole world economy. It is a one-two punch that blatantly threatens your life and the lives of the people you know, but fortunately, you can punch back. Simply staying clean and eating healthy are one of the best ways to avoiding disease and preventing them from spreading should you come in contact with any kind of virus.

There are also alternative methods to medication, which you might not have heard about, but is still worth a try, as there really are some highly effective herbal alternatives out there. This article deals with one such remedy, and the best part is you do not need to be rich to try it. With the twenty dollars in your pocket, you can follow the steps in this article and drastically reduce the chances of catching a viral infection for both you and your family.

  • Search around your area for a store that sells health food and items. This should not be too hard, as there is typically a store like this in almost every place. If you are having a hard time, just look for a place that sells herbal medicine.
  • Once you have managed to find it, inquire on whether they are selling oregano oil—not oregano alone as they could actually be selling that as well and it would be a waste of money. Ask specifically for origanum vulgare, and if they have choices, then choose the one with a lower thymol level.
  • Having purchased the oregano oil, it is time to put it to the test. Simply add around two or three little drops mixed with some juice or even just water, and drink a glass each day for about ten days. This particular concoction is actually quite powerful, so you should start feeling the effects after only two days. If you are currently suffering from a viral infection, then you should be able to feel the effects first-hand. If one of your family members is suffering then let him try the solution for ten days, and observe the results.

Using oregano oil, it is very possible to kill all kinds of diseases, as it acts like a powerful antibiotic, only the disease is unable to get used to it like conventional antibiotics. This causes the virus to weaken and die off very quickly, making the oil well worth your ten to twenty dollars.


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