How To Know if you’re Pregnant or in Menopause

For middle-aged women, it is hard to identify whether they are pregnant or already experiencing menopause. That’s because when it comes to symptoms and signs, there are a lot of similarities between pregnancy and menopause. Some women in their early thirties could already show signs of this, and for this reason, women would sometimes have mistaken menopause as pregnancy or vice versa. Here are some ways to classify their differences.

Know the symptoms of pregnancy. First, you must analyze the symptoms of pregnancy. This way, you can be sure if you are really pregnant or if you’ve already started going through your menopausal stage. Common manifestations of pregnancy include the following: weight gain, breast sores, headaches, unusual craving for food, dizziness, delay of menstruation, breast tenderness, vomiting, backaches, fatigue and constant urination. Some may also experience emotional unsteadiness.

Know the signs of menopause. What are some tell-tale signs of menopause? Irregularity of your monthly period is something to watch out for. However, women who really experience an inconsistency in their monthly periods need to get further evaluation to confirm their particular case. Evidence of having menopause that is distinct from pregnancy are the following: incontinence, hot flushes, palpitations, bloating, changes in one’s odor, changes in the color of one’s fingernails, sleeping problems, depression, loss of libido, night sweats, migraines, burning tongue, vaginal problems, hair loss, joint pain, and mood swings. Osteoporosis can be an early sign of menopause as well.

Take a pregnancy test. To erase any doubts, you can buy a pregnancy test kit to get instant results and find out whether you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy test kits can be purchased easily from drugstores. Do know, however, that pregnancy kits are not 100% accurate all the time, so you should still take time to consult your doctor (see next step).

Go to the doctor. Consulting your doctor regarding those signs is advised if the pregnancy test is negative. An OB-gynecologist can give you accurate results and will advise you of the right procedures you’d have to go through. Knowing your exact condition especially if you are pregnant makes it easier for you to respond properly to your condition, and finding out early is an advantage in taking the right precautions. After all, seeing a doctor is a good practice for women whatever their condition is.

Know of other aspects to consider. Another thing that must be considered is that you may be experiencing both pregnancy and the menopausal symptoms at the same time. Do not ignore this possibility. Again, your best bet is to consult with your doctor right away.

Bearing in mind all these signs of menopause and pregnancy, you should not take it for granted but rather take action for it. Being pregnant is a gift from God, while the menopausal stage is a reminder that you should take extra care of yourself as you reach this prime age. Reaching your forties doesn’t mean that time has  stopped; instead, you can enjoy more of life as you have a healthy and active lifestyle. Remember, the key here is to be alert with the changes that your body is undergoing, and to accommodate them properly. Good luck!


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