How To Know Thyself

In this day and age where everything can be answered, it is not surprising why more and more people are reverting back to the age-old search for one’s meaning and purpose. As far back as 600 BC, Thales, a Greek philosopher, included in his writings and teachings the command to “know thyself”. This teaching enlightens one to try and understand the world by first understanding himself. It teaches one to explore the meaning of happiness, love, fear, and other emotions bestowed upon him. But how do you really know who you are? The life that we have is but one and living without meaning is nothing.

  • Beliefs. There is no right or wrong set of beliefs. The values that you have may be wrong for other people. The teachings you follow may be considered wrong by another. The most important thing is the goodness it brings you and your life and the people around you. We all strive to be a better person and we may live our whole lives not knowing our meaning and purpose. In the end it is not the destination that matters, rather the journey and the path that we take in order to get there.
  • Learn from others. It is selfish to think that you know everything and the only way to learn is through others. You may read all the books in the world and think you know everything but a simple conversation from another person may teach you more than you ever imagine possible. Relate with others in their hopes and joys and sorrow and failures and you may be rewarded of wisdom and knowledge beyond your grasp.
  • Open your mind. This is a key to understanding one’s self. Be aware of other people’s beliefs and actions to understand your own. People are not alike. We are all different and the more you realize it, the better are going to be. You cannot force people to think the same way you are the same way they cannot force theirs to you. The world is full of possibilities and you are but one step in understanding your own truth.
  • Change is inevitable. As an organic being you are going to change. A part of you is to remain the same but all else is going to change. You cannot expect to have the same beliefs, priorities and ways as when you were before. Each day provides a new fork in the road for you to decide which path you are to take. Each day gives you more meaning than have. Each day leads you to understand what you want in your life.

You can have everything and still end up with nothing. You may have all the riches in the world and still feel poor. You may have all the glory you seek but still feel worthless. Live your life one day at a time. Learn from your mistakes. Know yourself and you will know your being. Live your life with balance to seek the truth of why you do.


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