How To Know When to See a Doctor for Unexplained Muscle Soreness

Consulting doctor
Muscles get sore from tiredness and overuse. Consult your physician if you can’t explain your muscle soreness. Below are tips and information on how to know when to see a doctor for unexplained muscle soreness.

  • Determine muscle soreness indicators after exercise. Muscle soreness symptoms peak 3 days after exercise, your body ache will decline afterward. Most athletes who experience muscle soreness are relieved within 5-7 days. Common indications are muscle stiffness, muscle tenderness, and aching pain. Muscle soreness heals naturally in most circumstances.
  • Determine the indications of injury or serious illnesses. If you have muscle soreness, observe your body if you are experiencing heart palpitations, confusion and chest tightening. These are heart attack indicators. Make notes about your unexplained muscle soreness. Visit your physician if your body ache is over 3 days. Unexpected muscle ache in legs is a blood clot indicator.
  • See your doctor if you have trichinosis. It’s a parasitic malady caused by eating undercooked or raw wild meat that is infected with roundworm. Muscle ache combined with diarrhea and fever can be trichinosis. If you have eaten infected meat, indicators will occur after 10 days. Cook meat properly.
  • Visit your physician if you’re feeling stroke indicators. Half-body muscle ache accompanied by speaking problems and blurry visions are probable stroke symptoms.
  • Visit your physician immediately if you have infection. Inspect the sore spots in your body especially if an insect or an animal has bitten you. Redness is an indication for infection. Ask your family members to check your body parts that you can’t see. There might be bites in your body. Tick and other insect bites can cause muscle ache. If you’ve been bitten, your doctor must check if you have Lyme disease.
  • Determine if your non-prescription and prescription medications cause muscle soreness. Unexpected muscle sore can happen when 2 medications aren’t working together. Consult your physician immediately.
  • Ibuprofen or aspirin are effective medicines for muscle pain. Your muscle pain must abate within half an hour. Consult your doctor if there are no changes.
  • Determine treatments for muscle soreness. Rest, because your body has the capability to heal itself. Consult your physician if you still feel tired and aching after a week.
  • Visit your doctor if your flu is worsening. Determine flu symptoms. Muscle sores combined with runny nose and mild fever are influenza symptoms. A warm bath will relieve mild muscle ache.
  • Visit your physician if you have HIV. Your muscle soreness might be necrosis or bone death that needs immediate treatment. Cocaine and related drugs causes muscle ache. Be honest to your physician so he can give you proper treatment.
  • Ask your doctor if you need a massage. Massage is a natural painkiller. It heals stiffness and restores muscle mobility. Warm your aching muscle before performing a gentle massage. Stop the massage if the pain worsens.
  • Ask your physician if you need to execute RICE. Athletes execute the RICE rule: rest, ice, compression and elevation. Rest your muscle sore for 2 days. Apply ice during your rest period. Use a semi-tight elastic bandage to compress the swelling areas in your legs and arms. Elevate your limb above your heart. Lie down and prop the aching areas with pillows.
  • Ask your physician before using creams and oils that cure muscle soreness. Sport liniments that contain menthol can balm your muscle pain. Don’t use mentholated creams and ointments under elastic wraps or heating pads to avoid damaged tissues and severe burns.
  • Warm bath as a home remedy treatment. There are methods that you can do at home to lessen or stop muscle soreness. A warm bath will soothe muscle stiffness and soreness. Warmth improves blood circulation to injured muscles and it removes muscle waste products and lactic acid that are accumulated in overused muscles. Place a heating pad on your painful muscles for 15 minutes if you can’t take a bath. Sauna or steam bath will penetrate and heal longstanding sore muscles better.

Contact your doctor immediately whenever you are anxious about your condition. Stress will worsen your situation.


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