How To Laugh Away Your Abs

The time has come for you to realize that your tummy is a laughing matter. And this doesn't mean that your belly is the butt of everyone's jokes.  It means you can actually laugh all those love handles and irritating bulges in your middle away! All you have to do is laugh. Read on, before you laugh at this.

Studies show that laughter is a good form of exercise. Laughter reduces the incidence of stress hormones in our body. It relaxes the muscles in our body, which can relieve pain. It has been shown to improve the immune system as well. Laughter can greatly increase the endorphin level in our body, the so-called “feel-good” chemicals which occur naturally in our body. Some specialists even liken a good burst of laughter to an aerobic workout because when we laugh, our hearts beat faster and our abdominal muscles tighten. Laughter is also considered by many as an effective way of social interaction, because it helps us make a connection with other people.

So how do you laugh your abs away? Do physical exercises which focus on your abdominals while laughing that hearty belly laugh. Kelly Beard, one of the foremost proponents of laughing away abdominal muscles, has created a series of videos showing exercises, which she and her team perform while laughing. Watching the videos might weird you out a bit at first, but as the videos progress, you can see that the Laugh Away team is having a fun time while doing valid abdominal exercises. Instead of the usual sullen and tired-looking people doing hard exercises, you can see laughing and smiling people who seem to have an easy time exercising. Beard says in their website that their video is different because it “uses our natural ability to laugh and a specific exercise routine to create leaner, tighter, and firmer abs 20 minutes a day.”

Makes a lot of sense. You wouldn't need a lot of equipment  and you can also indulge in guilt-free laughter. But is it really that easy to produce laughter, especially when you're not in the laughing mood? We all know it isn't. So the first trick would be to think of exercising in a positive way, as something to have fun with. Get in the mood. If you keep thinking of exercise as a tiresome activity, then it would be harder for you to laugh about it. 

Exercise with friends. Laughter comes easy when you're with a group of people you're comfortable with. Of course, as you try to laugh your abs away more often, you should also try exercising with other people. By this time, you would have learned how to produce laughter well enough to do it even with total strangers.

Think humorous thoughts while exercising. You can also watch funny movies and television shows before exercising. These might help you get into the laughing groove. You might also have to fake laughter while you're just starting. Eventually, you'll get the hang of it and start laughing for real.

Choose exercises which focus on the abdominal muscles. Consult your physician about any exercise routine you choose to take. Learn the proper timing between laughing and doing the actual moves, and don't forget to laugh if you don't achieve your desired form right away – you'll get there!


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