How To Learn how Marijuana Can be Used as Medicine

Marijuana is considered by many as a psychoactive drug that affects the central nervous system of a person. This simply means that the intake of this drug will alter the normal function of the human brain, thus, causing changes in the behavior of the person who intakes it. People have used marijuana in the past for different purposes and one of these is for medicinal purposes. Here's some information to help you learn how to decide if marijuana can be used for medical purposes.

Drugs refer to different substances that disrupt the normal functioning of the body. There are many categories of drugs. These include the cannabinoids such as marijuana, the inhalants, the depressants, the stimulants, the narcotics, the hallucinogens and the tobacco products such as cigarettes. Drugs can be administered orally, sublingually, inhaled, injected, rectally, vaginally, bolus, or through insufflations. According to studies, most of the users of marijuana didn't develop drug addiction even when they had been using it frequently. This means that the users don't undergo a loss of control. Thus, the users know when to use marijuana and in what amount it should be taken. Many studies have also shown that people who smoked marijuana didn't develop any dependence on it thus it has no long term negative effects to the person using it. Based on facts, there are no recorded deaths because of the use of marijuana.

Drugs, like marijuana, also have positive effects in the medical field. In the late 1830s, an experiment was conducted by Dr. William B. O'Shaughnessy to test the effectiveness of marijuana in curing rabies, epilepsy, rheumatism and tetanus. His experimentation showed a positive result. Thus, he found out that marijuana is effective for curing those kinds of diseases. In the year 1860, after conducting thorough research and experimentation, the Ohio Medical Society in America had concluded that marijuana was effective in treating diseases such as stomach pain, chronic cough, gastric distress, psychosis and neuralgia. It also proved that marijuana was effective in curing glaucoma due to the fact that it lowered pressure on the eye of the patients. Further researches have concluded that marijuana was also effective in treating cancer chemotherapy side effects, asthma, tumor retardation, nervous disorders and different mental sickness. 

German researchers have found out that marijuana can inhibit the growth of cancer and tumor in the body of an organism. Further research has shown that the THC content of marijuana has been found out to be the substance that reduces the growth of cancer in the body. This is truly promising.

Research studies have shown that marijuana, as a therapeutic substance, is safe for utilization – actually, one of the safest therapeutic substances. Its use is less dangerous compared to cigarettes, alcohol and other medicines bought over the counter. Thus, marijuana can be said to be a very useful substance in the field of medication.


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