How To Learn Indian Club Training Moves

Indian clubs are items that people use nowadays for exercising. These Indian clubs look much like bowling pins. They come in different sizes and weights and are swung around for training. Some athletes and exercise buffs use Indian club training moves in order to increase their strength and hand-eye coordination.

You can try and learn Indian club training moves by reading the tips provided below:

Purchase Indian clubs. First, you have to purchase a pair of Indian clubs. Most of the Indian clubs that are used nowadays are replicas of the old ones and they are made of more durable materials. They also vary in weight so you should choose one that is comfortable for you to use. There are those made of oak, rosewood, acacia and many more. You can purchase your Indian clubs from the website

Watch videos. Go online and search for some Indian club swinging videos. You will be able to see the techniques that they use in Indian clubbing. There are different types of videos ranging from simple moves to the more complex ones. Watch how the professionals do it when they perform and observe their stance and how they execute the training moves. You can learn a lot from watching.

Purchase Indian club books. You can also learn a lot about Indian club training moves by purchasing specialty books. Some of the books that you can read are The Handbook of Authentic Indian Club Swinging by Jake Shannon and Club Swinging for Physical Exercise and Recreation: A Book of Information About All Forms of Indian Club Swinging Used in Gymnasiums and by Individuals by William Jackson Schatz. These books contain explanations on how you can execute Indian club training moves.

Enroll in training classes. Look for gyms or fitness centers in your area that offer Indian club training. Enroll in a class so that you can learn from someone who is already an expert in Indian clubbing. By doing this, you will learn the right techniques and moves and how you can execute them properly.

Practice your swings. The only thing you need to do to get better in Indian club training is if you practice everyday. Start out by using light weights when you are just a beginner. When you get a good grasp of the training moves, you can increase the weight of the Indian clubs bit by bit until you reach a weight that you are comfortable with. Train with other people to learn tips and tricks from them.

As you go on with your Indian club training, you will feel that you gain more strength and you will also become more flexible. Doing this is a fun exercise that you can do with your friends. This can also be a warm up exercise that you can do before you do your other cardio workouts. Indian club training is good for the joints and wrists since the swinging of the clubs target the whole arm.


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