How To Learn More About Liquid Health Supplements

For a variety of reasons many of us don’t invest as much as we should in our health. In order to function optimally, daily vitamins and capsules are not a guarantee we are getting all the nutrition our bodies need. We may be doing ourselves more harm relying on such methods, as they may not be supplying us with the nourishment we trust them to be.

Vitamins in pill form are difficult for the body to digest and generally only 10-20% of the nutrients make it to the cellular level. The remaining 80-90% gets eliminated by the body, given that they don’t dissolve or get absorbed, and therefore the nutritional benefit is lost. In addition, most vitamins in pill form are synthetic; created with isolated chemicals in a laboratory. Consider that more than half the money spent on these supplements is thrown away.

Pills are hard to swallow, may induce gagging and can be hard on the stomach. It can also be difficult to find the right combination for proper balance. The body uses nutrients in conjunction with one another, if certain nutrients are fractioned away from others the compound will fail to work as intended.

Consider the alternative - liquid health supplements - which are absorbed by the body up to 98% and proven to be considerably superior to pills and capsules. An easy and quick way to get our daily nutrition, liquid health tastes great, is simple to swallow and does not irritate the stomach; in addition it’s already in perfect combination with other liquid vitamins and liquid minerals to ensure proper balance for absorption and distribution in the body.

Recommended by thousands of doctors, liquid supplements are preferred over nutritional health offered in the form of a pill or capsule. The unique liquid structure provides vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, as well as fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Furthermore, liquid whole food supplements deliver bio available nourishment found in the raw materials of live foods.

Nutritional liquid is suited for a variety of purposes and can benefit many; those who suffer from chronic diseases, are recovering from illness, have a poor diet or increased nutritional needs, have difficulty chewing or swallowing, are in a hospital or nursing home, can’t find the time to invest in their diet, or just want to maintain their good health.

The human body has the ability to heal and maintain itself when in proper balance, and the first step simply involves providing the body with the proper tools to do so. When the body is supplied with what it needs, the quality of our lives will certainly improve and the benefit of great health will be ours.


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