How To Learn Power Yoga Exercises

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Yoga is considered one of the most beneficial exercises for both the body and the mind. Not only does it build physical strength and improve flexibility, but practicing yoga can be calming and stress relieving, important considerations in today’s rushed world.

Power yoga also called Ashtanga yoga, is often practiced by serious athletes. Unlike gentler forms of the exercise that strive for physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, power yoga stresses strength and stamina, with far less focus on meditation. Many people underestimate the ability of yoga exercises to transform one physically, but those who are familiar with power yoga understand that it can be a valuable addition to a healthy workout plan.

Step 1

A word about Ashtanga… Ashtanga, or power yoga, involves working through a progression of postures intense enough to produce a great deal of heat and sweat. This profuse sweating is said to aid in detoxifying the body by drawing impurities from the muscles and organs, resulting in improved circulation, a clear mind, and a strong, lean, energetic body.

Step 2

Take a class. One of the best ways to learn power yoga exercises is to enroll in a class. When led by an experienced teacher, students learn to perform the poses in a safe and appropriate manner and are also able to reap the many benefits of yoga, beyond the physical. When fully encompassed, yoga can be life-changing, altering the way that a person deals with their world by showing them how to control their minds as well as their bodies.

Step 3

Shop for yoga DVDs. The popularity of yoga, in its many forms, had led to a big increase in the number of good quality instructional yoga DVDs on the market. If you are a beginner, it may be wise to look for DVDs that are either geared especially for those new to yoga or those that offer instruction for various levels of experience. A quick internet search can help you to find those that have been rated well by users, helping you to avoid throwing your money away by purchasing an exercise DVD that is either poorly made or otherwise low quality.

Step 4

Stroll through a bookstore. There are a number of good books available on yoga, many offering detailed sketches or clear photographs to help you properly perform the poses. Look for books that include ample commentary and that offer tips for reaping the many benefits of practicing yoga.

Step 5

Practice makes perfect. As with all things, the more time and energy that you dedicate to learning and practicing power yoga, the better you’ll do. It can take a while to build the strength and stamina needed to complete Ashtanga workouts, especially if you are out of shape, but if you keep at it, you’ll soon find that you are feeling stronger, calmer, and healthier than ever before!


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