How To Learn to Relax

Stress is a constant in the modern world. The only way you can get control of your life and your stress is to learn to relax. The tools needed to relax will stick with you throughout your life. Follow these steps and you will be able to relax.

  1. Breathe deep. At least twice a day stop to breathe. Really think about the oxygen you need to continue living. Inhale slowly to a count of three then hold the breath for another count of three. Exhale to a count of five. Be sure to concentrate on filling your lungs then slowly emptying them. Just breathing and concentrating on your breath will help you begin to relax.
  2. Take a walk. Stress does physiological harm to your body. It tightens muscles, increases blood flow while constricting arteries and can give you head and body aches. Take a step away by taking a walk when you start to feel symptoms or when you just need a break.
  3. Listen to music. Music of any form is a great way to get in touch with your body and relax. Some people suggest that fast music with heavy beats isn't very relaxing but even hard music will encourage you to move.
  4. Pause for regular breaks. Take small breaks to breathe and stretch whenever you've been sitting or standing too long at work. Then take breaks in your routine for a vacation at least once a year. Even if you stay home with a book or stack of movies, change your routine by taking a break to relax.
  5. Run (or swim) for your life. Walking isn't enough exercise to reduce stress long term. You need regular, heart pumping aerobic exercise. Get it by running or swimming like your life depended on it. In many ways it does because you need the health benefits available from running or swimming.
  6. Eat right and well. For many people stress induced eating is an excuse for consuming sugar, fat and other junk foots. Your busy life may drive you through the drive-thru but when it does it is keeping you from being able to relax. Eat raw fruits and vegetables when you need a quick snack. Then take the time to prepare a meal and dine slowly. Slowing down helps you relax almost as much as the natural vitamins and minerals you will get from eating right.
  7. Make sleep a priority. Sleep is fundamental to life. It is how you should spend one-third of your life so don't yourself get behind. Get a full night sleep each night.
  8. Know when to walk away. Avoid arguments and tense situations whenever you can. Remind yourself that there are some things you cannot control and the top item on that list is other people. Instead of trying to change others you need to know when to walk away from stress.
  9. Laugh like you mean it. The greatest stress reliever is laughter. You can laugh at the ridiculous, the mundane or the irritating. Just be sure you can laugh then you can relax.

Stress relief needs to be a priority in your life before stress takes your life. Learning to relax helps you survive life and reduces your chances of heart disease and other health problems that may severely limit your time on Earth.


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see your doctor if your problems with relaxation becomes severe, it could be a serious illness, like anxiety. you will need to take a medication for that.

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