How To Lessen Sagging Cheeks with Facial Exercises

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Exercise the Facial Area
Just as exercise keeps the body from aging through a regular physical regimen, the facial area can benefit greatly from facial exercises that help keep cheeks from sagging. Facial skin is the most delicate outer layer of the epidermis. Yet, it is often the most overlooked when it comes to special exercises that prevent drooping and sagging. Facial exercises are relatively simple to do.  The other benefit is that the skin beneath the chin will remain more taut if facial exercises are done regularly.  Here are a few good examples of how to lessen sagging cheeks with facial exercises:

The Smile
No kidding, smiling is an exercise.  But, for a variation on this, with the mouth closed and teeth set firmly, smile as widely as possible until a bit of exertion is felt.  Do this to the count of 2 and release.  Repeat 8 times.  With the face in "smile" position, open the mouth wide. As if yawning, open and close the lower jaw while stretching the facial muscles beneath the cheekbones.

The Smirk
With the mouth closed and lips pressed tightly together, shift the mouth from side to side ten times or until there is a feeling of exertion.

The "Lift"

Another good exercise to lessen sagging cheeks begins with the mouth closed, try to shift the lips around in a circle.  You should feel a bit of tension as you do this.  Add to this another exercise that begins by raising the eyebrows as high as possible, holding for 5 seconds and releasing.

The "Scrunch"
This is a fun facial exercise that's done by squeezing the facial muscle as tightly as possible as if in pain.  Do this 8 to 10 times.  Repeat a second time with a wide grin added.  This helps to free up the tension in the facial muscles.

Important Tips Lessen Sagging Cheeks
No one likes the look of sagging cheeks.  These facial exercises can be done with or without a mirror.  Remember that when skin begins to lose youthful elasticity, it's important to put a little effort into consistent facial exercises.  Fortunately, these can be done anywhere, although with the grimaces, a little privacy might be preferred.  There are many good facial exercisers on the market that also help tone the facial muscles.  However, these also require a consistent workout to be effective. Don't allow yourself to become deterred if you don't see instant improvement.  Remember, you are dealing with sensitive skin that takes time to recover from lack of proper exercise.  Along with a good skin protection regimen, a daily program of as little as 10 minutes can make a big difference to reduce sagging cheeks.  Anyone can spare 10 minutes to take a few years of aging off the face.


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