How To Live with a Perfectionist

A very distinct behavioral characteristic of some people is being a perfectionist. Perfectionists are people who are very uncomfortable deviating away from routines and standards that are already acceptable in their minds. They are also a very conscious and insecure kind of people that relish their comfort within their realm of cleanliness and orderliness. These types of people should not be confused with those who are OCD (obsessive-compulsive), which is officially a diagnosed behavioral disease by the medical practitioners. If you are someone who lives with a person who is a perfectionist, then these tips are for you. Read on and see how you can make the most out of your situation without any worries or disappointments.

Edify. Be knowledgeable and try to acquaint yourself with this kind of personality disorder. You can gather, read and research about these from useful resources like the internet, magazines, publications and even hospitals. You may even opt to consult professionals and various support-groups should you find the need to further your knowledge about it. The more you know about it, the better you can accept the perfectionist you are living with and the better you can deal with it.

Look beyond. Perfectionists are people who are not medically sick, so never fall for the trap of labeling them as sick. This will just aggravate the situation and create more tension. Perfectionists are just people who have really high standards, coming from their unique demographic and psychographic environments when they were growing up. Look beyond what you see and hear from the perfectionist and focus on what he is truly feeling. 

Protect yourself. No matter what happens, you have to protect yourself. Some extreme perfectionists resort to negative behavior, almost to the point of violence – physically, mentally or emotionally. Never allow yourself to be a victim of any of these negative reactions. If you feel that there is already some kind of abuse, approach the authorities by all means. Aside from this, eat right, get lots of sleep and exercise. You will need the abundant energy to properly deal with someone who is as draining as a perfectionist. Love yourself first, and only then can you effectively love others.

Warm up and love. A perfectionist may seem very critical and complain a lot. Understand that this is part of his psyche and behavior. Ease up to him and tell him you understand his situation and you are there to help him throughout his ordeal. However, make sure that you point out that a relationship is a 2-way street and that he should also do his part in making the relationship as smooth and harmonious as you both can. Shower him with love and affection, too, and eventually, he will ease up and open his mind as well.
Humankind presents a broad diversity of distinctive personalities that abound the Earth. Perfectionists represent just one of these unusual personalities.  In spite of this difference in personality, we should always try to relate and understand them.  It is only by adopting this attitude can we have open and happy relationships with people who are perfectionists.


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