How To Live with an Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is the term used when referring to almost 80 incurable illnesses that affect the different organ systems of the body. All these diseases point to one similar problem—the immune system is directed incorrectly and instead of attacking the bacteria and viruses it defiles the organ system. This disease usually occurs in women, most commonly during the years of motherhood. It also affects the connective tissues, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system, nerves and muscles. Hence, being diagnosed with such disease is a very painful experience. However, you can always overcome the agony and live a normal life by following the steps below:

  1. Let your heart grief. This might sound ironic in comparison to other people's advice. Yet, you have to face the truth, the reality. Anyone who is diagnosed with auto immune disease will really feel sad and depressed. It's normal to see things that way. You are free to feel sorry for yourself, with many questions running in your mind. However, after letting the situation sink in you have to remember that you cannot go back or stay to be discourage forever. Move on and stay strong!
  2. Control your thoughts. Now that you are ready to face the world, the next thing you have to do is control your life. No one can have a power over the disease that you have, but you can dominate your thoughts, lifestyle, diet, medicines, and exercise. The first thing you have to control is your thoughts and plans. Everyday you have to face the truth and everyday you have to choose between positive and negative forces invading your mind. Thus, you should get up and choose to welcome the morning with a positive attitude, never let the disease snatch the joy and blessings in your life. Even if there are hundreds of pains caused by abnormal functioning of your body still you can embrace the grace and good things around you. Look at the sun behind the clouds and you will be amazed with the difference it makes.
  3. Control your diet. Auto immune disease requires a proper diet, and it is one thing that you can manage. Eating foods that are appropriate for your condition and are high in proteins seem to be the perfect combination for healthy daily intake of food. With the suitable combination of meals, you will feel better and stronger. So decide to be healthy in your daily nutritional therapy.
  4. Exercise and get enough sleep. For someone who has an auto immune disease the best exercise is to listen in your body. Your body will decide what exercise you have to do or which one you have to avoid. Though, you still need to include some exercises in your day-to-day routine. Fatigue is one problem that you will experience after being inflicted with auto immune. If you experience awful days because of your situation you do not have to force yourself to work but if fatigue knocks on your door, it's time for you to get up and increase your heart rate by performing exercises. Feeling tired is an innate nature of the disease so whether you like it or not you will really get exhausted, but you do not need to work out for hours up to the time you almost lose your breath. Thirty minutes work out is enough to raise your heart rate and building it up will help you feel better and hold down your sickness.
  5. Sleeping 7-8 hours every night is as important as overcoming your weariness. It will let your system to re-charge for the next days work. At night, your immune system is repairing the impairments that occur during the daytime. The more you sleep, the more your system will endure the day.

Living with autoimmune disease requires faith. You can still live a normal and typical lifestyle as long as you are willing to fight the pressures of life. Having such disorder doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world, but on the contrary, it is another chance for you take one step towards maturity. 


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