How To Live with Dyslexia

People who are afflicted with the condition Dyslexia have an innate difficulty with reading. In some cases, dyslexic people also often have difficulty with spelling and arithmetic. Simple a disease as it seems, it’s actually hard to live with it, what with all the reading and writing you do everyday. So just how do you deal with dyslexia if you are afflicted with it?  Read on to find out.

  1. Know the intricacies of your condition. Dyslexia is a condition affecting the speech and reading functions of an individual. In some cases, it may affect your spelling and arithmetic skills as well. Know that there are different magnitudes of the disease and that not all cases are severe. With the right awareness of the details of the condition, you are armed with the many possibilities that you can do to go around your disadvantage.
  2. Consult with an expert. There’s complete logic in consulting with somebody who knows a lot about your disease, because these experts can help you combat your condition and suggest ways to which you can improve despite your difficulties. A speech-language pathologist is the best person for this job, and he may even help you through therapies to at least improve your reading skills.
  3. Use Accessibility software. There are a lot of tools and gadgets today that can help you overcome your difficulties with reading, spelling and arithmetic. Most computers are fitted with accessibility software to aid those who have difficulties with their senses. More often than not, your typical word processor comes with a built-in spell checker, so you’ll have no trouble spelling those correct words. Voice recognition software is also available in the market, and you can likewise purchase audio books so that you don’t have to read to get information. There is a host of applications and software available to help you, you just have to find out where and how to get them.
  4. Read up and practice. Even if they are not completely treatable, most cases of dyslexia are otherwise manageable. Try and read a book or two everyday to familiarize yourself with words or phrases that appear difficult to you, and work your way into practicing how to read them properly. With a little bit of patience and perseverance, you can overcome your condition and be able to read properly in no time.
  5. Join a support group. Even if you are afflicted with this condition, know that there are people out there who suffer the same disability as you do. And most of the time, these people are more than willing to help you overcome this difficulty. Consult or join a support group not only to improve on your reading and spelling, but also to get emotional and mental support as well.

On the other hand, children who are afflicted with dyslexia actually have more chances of recovering their reading abilities with the proper treatment. So, if you suddenly find out that your child is reading things differently, try and consult with an expert immediately.


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