How To Live with Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a disease where abnormal cells multiply in your ovaries. Though this is an undesirable condition, there are ways to cope with ovarian cancer better. Here is how to live a fulfilling life even with ovarian cancer.

Be informed. Know all about your disease and the available treatments. Read books and articles or participate in discussions regarding ovarian cancer. Knowing more about what you're facing allows you to combat it better.

Live a healthy lifestyle. If you have not been practicing good health habits before you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, this is the best time to get started. Taking care of your body allows you to experience lesser unpleasant effects of the cancer. You may also be more protected against other illnesses and diseases that may afflict people who have weaker immune systems.

Do regular exercises. Exercising for at least 30 minutes three times a week enables you to have a stronger heart, well-toned muscles, healthier organs and improved bodily functions. Just make sure you have your doctor's permission to do exercises because some types of exercises may tire you or cause damage to certain body parts.

Participate in rewarding activities. Being sick doesn't mean you can't have fun or do tasks like people without cancer. This will benefit your physical, emotional and mental health all at the same time.

Eat healthy food. Eat a balanced diet. Know about the food pyramid and eat foods that are representative of each food group. Food is categorized as go, grow and glow food. Go foods are rich in carbohydrates to help your body produce heat and energy. Grow foods are rich in protein that helps your body build new cells and tissues. Glow foods are rich in vitamins that maintain your health. Eat also food rich in fiber to help cleanse your digestive system.

Drink plenty of water. Water has many beneficial effects to the body. It hydrates the body and allows the proper functioning of organs and bodily processes. It also lubricates joints to prevent arthritis. Water can also cleanse your body of impurities and infections so drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and stay away from water substitutes such as soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Avoid taking drugs, smoking and eating junk food. These have no nutritional value and contribute to the deterioration of your health. Avoid pollution and unsanitary environments in order to reduce the chances of acquiring other diseases.

Seek support. Get help from groups and those who can help you cope with your disease. There are a lot of these groups and medical providers who can take care of you. Also, find other people with ovarian cancer. People who are undergoing the same experiences such as what you are undergoing will understand your situation better and thus give more meaningful advice to you.

Having ovarian cancer doesn't mean that you are helpless and debilitated. There are a lot of ways to cope with the disease so that you can live a normal life free from worries.


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