How To Look Long and Lean

During these times, one of the stronger conceptions of beauty is the long and lean type: long legs and neck, and lean body. Gone are the days when beauty was ascribed to the curvy and the heavily muscular.

When you turn on the television or watch the movies, you will see long and lean, topless guys almost everywhere – from the neighborhood mowing grass up to the basketball court playing it all out with the other guys. You will also see women flaunting their lean bodies while sunbathing under the Miami sun or simply while gardening during the mid-morning.

Without doubt, looking long and lean is a wonderful thing. Aside from this, it is the trend among a majority of the people. It connotes a fit body and a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, if you happen to be stubby and chubby, you might feel like being left out by all the people in the world. But do not fret! You can take up ways for you to look long and lean. Read up and achieve that cool look now!

  1. Proceed to a healthy diet. This must be the time that you cease from your heavy meat diet and transfer to a healthier one. Why not go for cereals, wheat and grains and fruits and vegetables? With this kind of diet, you can amass less fat and prevent them from worsening your unfit, corpulent figure.
  2. Exercise daily. Working out and avoiding lazing around your house during the morning will only increase you weight and make you collect those pounds you do not want. After waking up, why not do some stretching before you eat you breakfast. During your other free time during the day, go to the gym and work on your weights. If you do not have much time to go to the gym, simply being productive in your house will also help. Doing little carpentry works or some gardening will work out your body and help it become more fit.
  3. Learn a sport. Engaging in a sport, preferably a physical one, like ball games, swimming, or marathon, will immensely help in making your body look long and lean. Aside from making your body fitter, getting yourself busied in a playing sport can also serve as one of your pastime.
  4. Prefer clothes that can help you achieve the look. If you want to look long and lean but your body figure is not beautifully curvy, then choose clothes that will subdue the figure you dislike. To do this, shop for long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Avoid loose clothes and baggy or elephant pants since they will only make you look fatter and shorter. By choosing the right clothes that suit your body figure, you can hide the body parts that you want to improve and show off your assets.

In a generation that gives more credit and appreciation to slimness and defines sexiness as the long and lean look, you might have been pressured to stray away from the trend. But now, you no longer have to worry! Just be guided by the steps given above and shed off those unwanted fats from your body and start working on your body. In a matter of time, you will achieve that long and lean look you are previously just dying for.


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