How To Loosen Up for a Run

Running is one of the best ways to exercise. But before every exercise, it is necessary that you warm your body up. Cold muscles do not perform as well as warm muscles do, so you have to perform some routines before going into that mile-run or just recreational running around your neighborhood. In addition, warm up gets your body muscles and joints prepared for more exhausting activities. When you are warmed up before an exercise, there is less risk of straining yourself or experiencing any injury. So here are some few tips of how to loosen up for a run:

  1. In order for your muscles to get warmed up, do a warm up lap or two by walking briskly or jogging slowly back and forth. You may also opt to jog in place if you want.
  2. Stretching is an effective way to get your body prepared for the exercise. Once your body is warmed, gently do some stretching. However, don’t overwork some parts of your body if you can’t really do a certain stretching routine. You might just end up straining yourself and eventually not being able to run.
  3. During the stretching routines, move the parts of your upper body slowly and smoothly. In this manner, you will not have the risk of getting the blood flow in your muscles blocked. This can cause muscle fatigue. It is advisable to hold each stretch for about thirty seconds. Also, when doing the routines, it would be better to start with the upper body parts having larger muscles.
  4. After the routines in your upper body, you also have to warm up your lower body parts. Slowly lower your body while your feet stay flat on the floor until you get into a straddle stance position. In this way, the muscles in your hamstrings get stretched and all warmed up. Running demands that you have considerable amount of strength in your legs so that it can withstand the pressure of a mile or more run.
  5. After this, move your foot forward and slowly lower your body while your feet stay flat on the floor. This will stretch the muscles in the front of your leg, known as the quad. Do the same on the other leg.
  6. After you are done with both the upper and lower divisions of your body, try doing routines that require you to move all your body parts. One of the most known routines that entail you to move all of your body parts is the jumping jack.
  7. Before going into the actual run, be sure that you don’t leave any gaps in between the routine so that your muscles stay warm.

When going for a run around your neighborhood, be sure also to have water or any cold drink packed along with you. Bringing your iPod or any hand held musical player along with you could also lighten up the mood while doing strenuous routines and exercises, like running. Furthermore, don’t go too far off from your place when you prefer running alone for if something undesirable happens, you can quickly go back to your home or call one of your friends in the neighborhood.


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