How To Lose Belly Fat and Build Muscle in 40 Minutes

Even if you’re not overweight or obese, it is possible that you have some belly fat. The belly is one of the parts of the body where fat usually accumulates, because it is very close to the stomach and the digestive system, and because there is plenty of tissue in the belly where adipose tissues or fat tissues can grow. There is a quick fix for belly fat, however. Here’s how you can build some muscle and lose the belly fat in as little as 40 minutes.

  • Cardio exercises. First of all, you need to start off with some cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are the best way to increase your blood circulation. When you increase your blood circulation, you will be able to undertake more intense training. Think of cardio exercises and workouts as the stretching activity for major exercise routines, such as weight training and power lifting. Some of the basic cardio exercises that you can do are running, jumping jacks, pushups, lifts, and squats. These cardio exercises should usually be done for around ten minutes each day.
  • Interval training. After you have finished your cardio exercises, the next step is to spend at least15 minutes doing some interval training. Interval training is a technique wherein you do about a minute of cardio workouts, and then another minute of intense actions, such as fast pushups. Interval training is easy on the body, but helps you to burn plenty of calories really fast. Be sure to tailor your interval training exercises according to your capabilities, however. For instance, if you are only beginning your workout routine, you can jog for intense workouts, and you can shift to intervals of walking for a simpler workout. After a week, you can jog at a greater speed for your intense workout, and then do some brisk walking for the cardio workout.
  • Weight training. After some interval training, move on to another fifteen minutes of weight training. Weight training is focused on only select muscle groups, but because of the sheer stress of the weights, you should be able to lose plenty of calories through weight training. In fact, weight training uses up so many calories that professional weight lifters have to eat high protein and high calorie diets. Make sure, however, that you start off with weights that you can handle. Always have a spotter with you, so that he can help you when lifting difficult weights.
  • Scheduling. Finally, be sure to create a schedule for your workout. This type of 40 minute workout is very effective, but only if you stick to it. The biggest reason why plenty of people do not lose weight from this type of routine is because they give up after the first week. Remember, weight loss does not happen overnight. If you keep the routine, however, you should be able to see your belly fat vanish in just a couple of weeks.

Shifting from cardio training to interval training to weight training may seem difficult at first. With a little time, however, you should be able to lose the flab in your belly and gain some muscles with this routine.


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