How To Lose Inches of Belly Fat

Even if you have slim and toned arms, one problem area that you may have is the belly. A lot of people have paunches and belly fat, because the belly is the part of the body that naturally stores away the fat deposits in the body. Here are some steps to help you lose inches of belly fat quickly and effectively.

  • Remove processed food. First of all, you should steer clear from processed food. This includes canned goods, chips, junk food, and even fast food. Instead, you should go for food that you have made yourself. Cooking your food allows you to limit the amount of fats that you use. You have the option of choosing better cooking products such as olive oil instead of plain vegetable oil. You also have cleaner and tastier food in the end.
  • Remove fried food. Fried foods are one of the worst things that you can eat. Even if the fried food is removed from the pan, chances are that the surface of the food is still filled with oil. When you fry food, much of the fat is absorbed into the meat, which is why it is a very bad idea to cook your food by frying. When you fry, you are basically eating oil and stocking it up in your belly. Instead, what you should do is consider alternative cooking techniques. Bacon, for instance, can be baked instead of being fried. It will give you crisp bacon strips that have much less fat. You can do the same for hotdogs, chicken, et cetera. Or, you can grill your food.
  • Remove carbohydrates. Next, steer clear from food that contain plenty of carbohydrates. One of the reasons why carbohydrates should be avoided is that it is full of calories that end up being stored in the body. Calories are basically the fuel for the body. If you burn up all of the calories that you eat, you will have a healthy equilibrium and little body fat. Most people, however, have more calories than they need and end up with fat deposits in the body. One of the best ways to minimizes carbohydrates is by steering clear from pasta, breads, and rice. Eat steamed vegetables instead.
  • Protein dishes. Just because you want to lose the excess belly fat does not mean that you need to starve, either. You should focus on increasing the protein content in your meals instead. This means that you should eat plenty of fish and lean meat. Eggs are also good sources of protein, and can be hardboiled so that you no longer need to fry them. Protein helps build muscles, and not fat. The weight that you gain from protein is healthy weight. Also eat lots of fruits and veggies so that your body is loaded with much fiber and vitamins to clean the toxins away from your body.

Be sure to add in a couple of hours of exercise a week. Spending as little as three hours in the gym a week will significantly reduce your belly fat. If you don’t want to sign up at the local gym, you can also choose to simply jog or do your exercises at home. With these steps, you can say good bye to inches of belly fat in just a couple of weeks.


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