How To Lose Stomach Fat Effectively with Alternate Training

Stomach fat or belly fat seem so hard to lose. You usually get this from drinking alcohol and sitting the whole day even after eating. Having a fat stomach may lower your confidence because you will not be able to wear your clothes comfortably and your stomach will draw attention because it’s big. If you want to look good on a tight fitting shirt or you’re just so tired of people thinking you’re pregnant when you’re not, you need to work out in losing stomach fat. Many people go to the gym and exercise to lose stomach fat. However, some get discouraged because they are not seeing any result even if they have already been exercising for a long time. This is because their heart rate is not being increased on their work out. You need to increase your heart rate to make your metabolism faster and lose weight and stomach fat. To do this, you need to have alternate training.

To lose stomach fat effectively with alternate training, here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Use the treadmill. You need to burn the calories in your body by doing cardiovascular exercises. If you go to the gym, you can use the treadmill for an alternate or interval training. You can do a 30 minute interval to start with. Set the treadmill with the regular speed that you use for exercising and walk for 30 seconds on that phase. Make the speed slower and walk another 30 seconds on that phase. Increase the speed making it faster than your regular speed. Do this for another 30 seconds. Do this alternately, making the speed faster and slower for every 30 seconds. As the speed gets faster, your heart rate will also increase making your metabolism faster. Do this alternate or interval training 3 times per week and you will see that you will start losing weight and stomach fat.
  • Use a stationary bike. Aside from treadmill, another cardiovascular workout that will help you lose stomach weight is using a stationary bike. If you have a stationary bike at home, you can do this on your free time. Like the treadmill workout, you need to start on a slow phase and make it faster after 30 seconds. It will be easier to control the speed because you’re the one controlling it. There’s no need to set the speed like in treadmill.
  • Intervals when running. You can lose stomach fat without using any machine. Running will help you lose weight and have a flat stomach. You also need to do some intervals to make it more effective. Like the other exercises given, you need to run slowly. You can do this for 1 minute then speed up for another minute. Do this alternately. If you are comfortable with the speed, you can have longer intervals. Run slowly for 2 minutes and increase the speed for another 2 minutes.

These interval workouts will help you lose your stomach fat and will let you look best on a fitted shirt. Since you will sweat a lot on these workouts, drink plenty of water. Make sure to warm up by stretching before starting your workout.


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