How To Lose Weight Quickly

Recently, I met an acquaintance of mine, who has been following a strict diet of deep fried foods and soda for over three years. He noticed that I had lost some weight since he last saw me around 8 months back. Then he asked me a really dumb question. "How can I lose 10kgs in a month?" I simply said, "Why don't you try cutting off your leg?" I walked away as he stared at me with disbelief.

This was the same reply I got when I asked the same question to a fitness consultant. Then I understood. It is really quite absurd when people want to lose weight in a matter of weeks. How can people expect to lose the extra weight that they have gained over a long period of time within a month or so?

The process of losing weight should be effective which takes time. Strenuous workouts and exercises are not the main requirements. No matter how much exercise you do, it will not contribute to weight loss when you consume more calories than you burn. Another misconception is that you can reduce your tummy fat by doing a lot of crunches and abdominal exercises. Concentrating only on your abdominal exercise will lead to bad posture and this does not help in losing weight.

Weight loss is a process that involves the following:

  • Lifestyle
    Your day to day routine is just as important as the exercise you do to lose weight. Sleep is very essential. But afternoon siestas should be avoided. Instead, you should get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep in the night. It would help you immensely if you went to bed before 10.30 and got up before 6. Try taking as many steps as possible through out the day. Avoid the use of car when you can walk. Use the stairs and skip the elevator. A pedometer can help in counting the steps you take in a day. Handling stress is also vital. Relax your mind and do things like reading a good book, taking a hot bath, watching a movie or listening to music or just having fun with your family. Avoid smoking and drinking as much as possible.
  • How You Eat
    Eat at proper intervals of 3-4 hours with not more than 4 meals a day. Snacks should be avoided. But food such as green salads or fruits can serve as healthy snacks. Avoid oily and deep fried foods. Eat healthy. Whole wheat grain food helps. More fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet. Consult a qualified nutritionist and eat according to their suggestions.
  • Exercise Plan
    Your exercise must include cardio-vascular exercises, proprioception exercises, strength training and flexibility exercises. It also helps to turn to aerobic workouts once or twice a week. Hitting the gym 4-5 times a week is good. But do not to rush into doing rigorous and strenuous workouts. This might lead to an injury or a strain. A personal trainer will do you good here. Swimming twice a week is also recommended.
  • Other Leisure Activities
    Weekends can be turned into an enjoyable weight loss experience. Instead of partying all night go for camping trips, treks or even a picnic with your family. Other things that you can do are going to kick-boxing classes, or playing some sport that you enjoy with your friends.

A combination of all these factors will not only help you lose weight but also lead a healthy life. You will also be able to see the positive change in your life. The recommendations given above should make a difference in your life.


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