How To Lose Weight with Acai Berries

If it is good enough for Oprah, it is good enough for many others. It is not only Oprah who has featured the Acai berries from Brazil, which are quickly skyrocketing in popularity. Doctors have also begun to praise the berry for the various medicinal and weight loss benefits that the berries can give you. If you think that there is no other solution to your weight problem, and if you think that the ideal Brazilian body is simply out of your reach, Acai berries could just be the weight loss aid that you have been waiting for. Here are ways to lose weight with Acai.

  1. Drink Acai juice. Simply drink Acai juice before each meal. Juice created out of fresh Acai berries is very nutritious and filling. For many people, a good glassful is enough to stave off excess bacon and eggs for breakfast, or the unnecessary extra rice during lunch or dinner. One of the most important weight loss properties of Acai berries is its ability to hasten metabolism. Because of this, it is also advisable for you to drink your fill of Acai juice after meals and during the rest of the day to help you burn down the fats that you have taken in with your meals.
  2. Try out Acai recipes. In Brazil, Acai is not simply a berry. It is also one of the most useful berries that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Even in your daily cooking, you can inject some health into your food by using Acai. Check out the various Acai recipes that have come sprung up. You can even find some traditional Brazilian dishes that make use of Acai. Or, try out the Acai desserts and shakes which are quickly becoming popular in many health and fitness conscious households. These Acai desserts are not only delicious, but healthy as well. Keep in mind, however, that not all grocery shops will have a stock of Acai. Apart from this, Acai spoils easily and should always be eaten or used in cooking while the berries are still very fresh. Check your local health food stores if they have preserved Acai berries that you can use.
  3. Take Acai supplements. Acai juice can be very expensive, especially if you want to take in more than just a glassful each mealtime. And because these berries are delicious, taking in an extra serving is more than possible. To keep expenses down while still enjoying the benefits of Acai, try out the Acai supplements that are available in local drug stores as over the counter drugs. Take in one or two pills each day, depending on the potency and type of Acai supplement that you use. Remember, however, that even Acai supplements are not very cheap, especially since the berries have to be processed quickly and carefully in order to preserve the berries without losing the vitamins and nutrients that they carry.

The battle against the bulge is one that you may have been waging for years. With diet, exercise, and Acai, your opportunity to finally conquer unwanted weight may finally be won.


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