How To Lose Weight with Power Yoga

Being overweight creates mental and physical discomfort that can affect your self-esteem. Yoga is one effective method to effectively lose weight. Power yoga is one of the most sought after process in weight loss. You can burn 360 calories in every hour of exercise. Below are information and guides on how to lose weight with power yoga.

  • Find an expert yoga instructor. Walk around your locale or consult the directory to find and contact yoga institutions or centers around your area. Inquire about sessions, schedules and payments. Try finding yoga centers that offer yoga classes for free before finding institutions with charges.
  • Schedule your yoga session. Most expert yoga instructors tell us that every yoga session must be at least 90 minutes or more. However, there are power yoga postures that you can perform between schooling or office hours, and you only need some minutes to perform it. If you’re a busy person, kindly ask your preferred yoga teacher if she can teach you at home and ask if there are additional charges.
  • Observe your body carefully while doing power yoga. Ensure that you’re not pushing your limits too hard so you’ll avoid injuries and mental fatigue. Ask your instructor to help you create an effective exercise scheme and schedule.
  • Begin with fundamental postures. Obese people will have a hard time in performing various postures. You need to become patient if you’re just starting out. Begin with several fundamental asanas so you can achieve effective weight loss. Consult your doctor before engaging yourself in power yoga or ask an expert or a practitioner to guide you to ensure that you’re doing the asanas properly.
  • Focus on particular postures or asanas. There are certain asanas that can cure particular health problems and injured body parts. There are also asanas that can help you build muscle tone and trim weight in particular body parts. Examples of postures to help you lose weight are ardha sarvangasana, uttanasana, ardha kapotasana, trikonasana, vajra asana, markatasana, shalabh asana, bhujan asana, and uttanpadasana among others.
  • Change exercise routines. Performing routinely or alternate yoga postures will refresh your mind and body from exercise doldrums. Learn more postures as possible to make your exercise sessions lively. You can also attend various yoga classes and study different power yoga DVD lessons.
  • Eat healthy between power yoga sessions. Yoga is just a part of an essential health and fitness scheme. You need to eat properly and live a healthier lifestyle if you want a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.
  • Precautions in doing power yoga. Consult your physician before performing power yoga if you’re pregnant or have a malady like stiff knee joints, heart problems, slipped disk, or other severe health problems.
  • Learn ashtanga yoga. It is a rigid exercise that helps people who wants to lose weight. Ashtanga practitioners are the most dedicated yogis so you need to dedicate time and effort to lose weight effectively. Ashtanga yoga is composed of linked postures and you need to begin from the start before jumping to the succeeding and much harder asanas. This kind of yoga needs to be executed with the guidance of a professional.

Try to learn and practice yoga meditations besides learning ashtanga and power yoga. These meditations can calm your mind and body; remember that stress is a vital reason why people get fat. You will lose weight effectively if you are determined and equipped with proper knowledge.


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