How To Maintain a Bowflex Machine

You have probably seen television commercials of the exercise machine called Bowflex. Bowflex machine is a series of exercise machines that is used for cardio and strength training.

It looks good on TV and you are pretty convinced that it is the answer to a fitter and sexier body. Keep in mind though that purchasing a Bowflex machine though is not a joke. At its price, you can consider it as an investment that you need to make the most out of and take care of at the same time.

Once you have purchased your own Bowflex machine, take time to know how to best maintain the product. Read the instructions below to know more about how to take care of your Bowflex exercise machine.

  • Keep your Bowflex exercise machine in a flat and spacious area. To avoid scratching or bumping the parts of the machine, make sure it is stored properly.
  • After use, unhook the power rods. Before cleaning or changing the set-up of your Bowflex, make sure to carefully unhook all the power rods. Stand on the side of the machine as you unfasten the power rods to avoid any possible injury. Doing so will help lengthen the resistance of the rod.
  • Clean the bench. Using a clean, dry clothe, wipe the bench clean very after use. The sweat that gets to the bench every time you work out will result to stench over time especially if you just let it dry by itself.
  • Stow the Lat Tower cabling. Take the Lat Tower cabling and stow them away by placing them inside the storage slots included in the machine. These slots can be found around the upper portion of the tower.
  • Set the lat bar on the hooks. The hooks for the bar are found on the cross bar assembly. Do not make any adjustment with the machine set-up until you have done this, because if not, it is likely that the bar would fall down.
  • Put away the squat cables. To avoid tripping or pulling, ensure that the squat cables are removed from the area after the workout.
  • Do a regular inspection. Check the parts of your machine for any signs of wearing regularly. It is better to spot any damage early on to avoid accidents. If you spot any break on the machine, call a service repair or bring the machine to a repair center. Do not use it until the damage has been fixed.
  • Check the pulleys. If a groove is 1/6 inch or more in depth, get a replacement.
  • Inspect straps and hand grips for loose threads. Replace the straps once you see that the threads as becoming loose. Bowflex provide replacement for some parts of the machine, so be sure to give them a call.

Exercise machines often come with instructions and maintenance guidebook. Take some time to read the manual carefully. If you have any questions about the product, do not hesitate to contact the store where you purchased the item or call the manufacturer directly.


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