How To Maintain Weight on the Shangri-La Diet

Unwanted weight is one of the perennial problems for many people in the country. Up to two thirds of the population is overweight, and the difficulty in losing weight keeps the figures high. Of the many diets that are available in the market, one of the most popular is the Shangri-La diet, which acknowledges just how difficult dieting can be. If you want to tone down your body and maintain a healthy weight, here’s how the Shangri-La diet can help.

  1. Supplements. The Shangri-La diet works by tricking the mind to lower its set point. The set point will dictate whether you feel hungry or not. Once the set point is lowered, the feeling of starving is removed and the body’s need to eat is lessened. The Shangri-La diet does this through the use of fructose water supplement and olive oil. Take one to three spoonfuls of fructose water and two spoonfuls of olive oil before meals and snacks in order to lessen the taste of the food that you eat. Because the fructose water and the oil mask the food taste, the body gradually lowers its set point.
  2. Healthy food choices. Another reason why the Shangri-La diet has become popular is because it does not place any strict limits on the types of food that an individual can consume, nor how much food a person can consume. Through the use of the fructose water and olive oil supplements, the body will eventually learn to minimize its food consumption by itself. To maintain weight faster, however, try to choose food that is high in fiber and nutrients. The best food options to help you maintain weight while on the Shangri-La diet are fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables are not only filling, but these are also high on fibers that act as filters that remove waste in the body.
  3. Change the taste. Another technique in the Shangri-La diet that can be used to quickly lower the body’s set point is by changing the taste of your food. There are several ways to do this, such as by using a variety of spices to season your food. Spices will add a new flavor on the food items, which will trick the mind into considering these foods as alien and unwanted. Tiny changes in how you prepare your food, such as by adding in a few peppers or a dash of paprika, will keep the food palatable for you, but not for your body.
  4. Maintenance. As with any diet, the key to maintaining your newfound reduced body weight is by ensuring that you keep the process steady to keep the body’s set point from returning. A few tablespoons of olive oil and fructose water should be taken in regularly before meals. Fructose water is a type of sugar that you can also include in plain water, to sweeten your drinks.

With exercise and a healthy lifestyle, losing anywhere from 35 to a hundred pounds from the Shangri-La diet is possible. Through these steps, keeping this weight around should not be a problem as well.


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