How To Make a Bad Headache Go Away

Having a bad headache can prevent you from doing your daily activities. This can stop you from doing your work or having a good day with your children. When you are experiencing a bad headache, it is important that you rest and not force yourself to do things that you cannot do. Follow the tips that are provided below to get rid of your bad headache.

  • Go home and rest. If you are at work or out with your friends when your headache strikes, the best thing to do is go home to get some rest. It is useless to force yourself to work or do other activities since you will not be productive because of your headache. When you get home, lie down on your bed and avoid doing other activities.
  • Drink lots of water and eat food. In some cases, the cause of a headache is hunger or dehydration. Some people who are stressed with work and have plenty of things to do forget to eat and this can trigger a bad headache. Drink a glass or two of water to relieve the symptoms. Eat a good meal so that your stomach can have something to digest.
  • Take medicines. If you are suffering from allergies or other medical conditions, these may be the reasons why you are having a headache. Take an aspirin to make the headache go away fast. If you have other medications, you can also take them to relieve the headache. Remember not to self medicate. Just take the medicines that you are required to take for your medical condition.
  • Massage your head. Massage your temples, forehead and nape. Use your fingers and use a circular motion when massaging your temples. Doing this can help the blood circulation and can ease the tension brought about by your headache. This should help relieve the ache even just for a while.
  • Get plenty of rest. When you rest, go inside your room and shut the blinds or close the curtains. Turn off the lights and get in bed. You should also eliminate all the noise inside the room and keep it quiet. Headaches can get worse with noise and light. Close your eyes and try to sleep. Hopefully, your headache will be gone when you wake up.
  • Go to the doctor. If your headache does not disappear after doing the things mentioned, you have to go to the doctor for a consultation. The headache may be caused by something serious so you have to go in for a checkup just to be sure.

These are the things that you can do to get rid of a bad headache. Some of the most common causes of headaches are stress, light sensitivity, flue or other infections. If you are suffering from these, go to the doctor immediately so that you can get the right medication for your condition. In some cases, headaches can be caused by eye strain. You can go to the ophthalmologist just to see if there is something wrong with your eyes.


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