How To Make a Diabetic Care Package

Interested in sending a thinking of you gift to a friend or family member who has diabetes?  Diabetes, a chronic disorder of the body's metabolic system in which there is little or no production of insulin, coupled with an elevated level of glucose, eliminates sending the usual gift basket with candy, baked goods or chocolate usually sent with good cheer.  With a little extra forethought and planning, however, you can make a diabetic care package that will conform to the recipient's dietary restrictions without making them feel cheated.

Dealing with diabetes on a day to day basis can be frustrating and stressful, so choose items for your care package that might help the recipient cope more easily.  There are numerous recently published cookbooks on the marketplace such as Betty Crocker's Diabetic Cookbook, and any of these are wonderful to include in your package. You can also write out several diabetic friendly recipes on colorful recipe cards and include the ingredients your recipient will need to produce that particular menu offering.  There are also numerous magazines, such as Diabetes Forecast Magazine, which include features about diabetic cooking that can be a smart addition to your care package. Include a recent issue along with a gift subscription card.

If you are going to make your care package food oriented, search for the many diabetic-friendly offerings now available, including sugar-free hard candies, sugar-free chocolates, sugar-free cake and bakery mixes, low-carb pastas using whole grains, water crackers, popcorn, pretzel sticks, cheese dip, gourmet coffees and teas with artificial sweeteners, cold water fish such as tuna and mackerel, and fruits and vegetables.

You can also create a care package that doesn't focus on foods and cooking but rather includes numerous supplies that can help make living with diabetes a bit easier. Items that can always be used by a diabetic gift recipient include small notebooks and pens that can easily fit inside pocket or purse to record daily food choices and glucose levels.

Other diabetic supplies that are useful for a care package include a plastic water bottle, a travel case to discreetly store their medications, packages of alcohol prep wipes, bandages and sterile gauze for insulin injections.

To create a snack oriented care package to encourage your recipient to keep their glucose levels healthy with proper snacking, your care package can include crispbread, sugar-free biscotti, sugar-free cookies, cheese crisps, nuts, flaxseed tortilla chips, roasted soybeans and assorted sugar-free drink mix packets along with a travel water bottle.


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