How To Make a Double Dutch Jump Rope

Jumping ropes have a lot of uses. For the kids in the parks, it is one of the most common games they could play everyday. And in the scientific-kinetic perspective, it is one of the best exercises that could maximize the power of your lower muscles. In the course of time, this favorite play and exercise tool has evolved into something more dynamic, more fun and a better exercise. It is called double Dutch jump rope. This is an innovation of the traditional jumping rope where the player is using only one rope. Double Dutch jump rope uses two ropes circling at different intervals. If you have been acquainted with jumping rope and want to try double Dutch jump rope, below are ways on how you can make one.

  • Decide on whether you want a single or two-chord rope. Double Dutch jump rope are two ropes played at the same time. But there are those who prefer to have it in a single-rope that allows them to play it with more tricks. If you have been playing this one for quite a while now, it would be advisable to have a single-chord double Dutch jump rope. This will give you leeway to play and learn advance tricks in the jump rope. But if you are just starting, making two-chord double Dutch rope would be better.
  • Prepare two chords of equal length. Just prepare two chords of equal length. Its length should be the same as that of a normal jumping rope. Be sure that the two chords you have are of the same length. Otherwise, problems could arise while playing it.
  • Be sure they are of the same length. Once you have the two chords, make sure that they are of equal length by stretching them out. If they are unequal, make the necessary adjustments. Once the lengths of the two chords are final, tie a knot at each end of the two chords.
  • For single-chord double Dutch rope, do not cut it. If you have decided to make a single-chord double Dutch jump rope, just measure the size of one jumping rope and then get a single chord of at least twice the length of that jumping rope you measured. Once you have the chord, stretch it out and fold it in half. When you already have the middle of the chord, make a marking by placing a colored tape in it or by just using a marker pen.
  • Attach handles to the chords. Now that you have the chords and have secured a knot, you can add handles to it. Handles can help you use the double Dutch jump rope with more ease. This, however, is optional. But if you were only starting to play the game, it would be advisable to place one. After this, your double Dutch rope is ready for use.

A double Dutch jump rope offers more than just fun. It also gives you good exercise that combines the power of your lower muscles and concentration. This game, unlike its predecessor, requires more than just firm muscles. It also requires deep concentration to get the rhythm that you need to stay in the game.


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