How To Make a Flower Essence Assessment

In homeopathic and holistic circles the art of using flower essences to create a sense of well-being and heal the body, mind, and spirit of those around you is utilized frequently. Flower essences, a very dilute extract from plants and flowers, are used for their vibrational frequencies and correspondences as opposed to their herbal components.

To make a proper assessment as to the nature of a particular patient's need, whether human or animal, you must determine the following criteria: What manner of ailment afflicts the individual? How long has this ailment been a part of their life? What are their thoughts on the ailment? How does the ailment impact the daily life of the individual? What is the most likely cause of the ailment? What floral essences and combination of essences may help ease or remove the affliction? Is the individual ready to receive treatment?

First, determine the nature of the mental or spiritual imbalance within the patient by way of communication. Ask thorough questions such as: Do you feel physical pain and where? How do you feel in general? When does the affliction occur?

If there is physical pain you can still treat them as normal, but do not forget to have the patient visit a practicing medical doctor. Flower essence therapy is a holistic treatment and helpful aid, but should never take the place of a full physical diagnosis from a doctor.

Next, determine when the affliction occurs and how long it has been in their life. Does it come on suddenly in a manner akin to anxiety or is it a chronic situation? If it occurs suddenly, then you may have to dig deeper in your conversation in order to determine if there is a mental or physical trigger causing it.

If the situation is chronic take careful note of everything the patient says in regards to it.

With a thorough determination of the nature of the affliction, as well as the frequency of occurrence, it is time to probe deeper to discover the underlying cause. Take careful notes of everything said during this process.

Once the cause is determined it is time to run through your list of essences and determine a treatment plan. However, be certain to instill confidence in your patient that they can be healed of their affliction. If they harbor too many negative thoughts in regards to the treatment process it may not work as completely as you both may like.


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