How To Make a Liver Tonic

It is of great importance that your liver is maintained to its best health as possible. However, there are times that you forget to think of your liver that much and end up harming it. But with the function of the liver in your body, you cannot afford your liver to lose its health. Therefore, from time to time, it is best to drink a liver tonic, which will help best in cleansing your liver for its advantage. Find out how you can do your very own version of a liver tonic:

  • Gather ingredients for the homemade liver tonic. Prepare the following ingredients: one ounce of chopped dandelion root, carawa seeds, cinnamon bark, senna leaves, and ginger root; three pints water; and half a pound sugar.
  • Mix the ingredients together. Fill a boiling pan with water. Add all other ingredients such as the senna leaves, caraway leaves, chopped dandelion root, cinnamon bark, and ginger root. Mix things well together.
  • Allow the mixture to boil. Bring the pan with the mixture in to a mild boil. This must allow the liquid to be reduced to almost half of the quantity of the water. Once the mixture reaches this state, add the sugar and then bring the liquid mixture to a mild boil once again.
  • Remove the mixture from heat. Wait for the second boil of the mixture and then let it boil more for around two minutes. Once done, remove the tonic from the heat. Then, strain the mixture to free the liquid from the solid ingredients. Let the mixture to cool off completely. It is often best to store the liver tonic in your refrigerator.
  • Take the tonic for a whole week. Take the liver tonic daily in the course of one whole week. A teaspoon of the liquid is enough for a daily dose. Note that this liver tonic will not do you good if you happen to be allergic to one or two of the above-mentioned ingredients. If you have problems with the ingredients, there are still a lot of other recipes that can work as a liver tonic you.
  • Try making a juice as a liver tonic. If you have problems with the recipe, another way to cleanse your liver is through a juice made of different organic fruits and vegetables. This includes one apple, four carrots, one lemon, one beet, and a good handful of parsley. Run these ingredients in a juicer and mix the juice after all the ingredients are in. You must drink a glass of this kind of juice for a whole week and keep in mind to sip the tonic juice right away within four hours after the juicing process so you can get the most benefits. You can also add greens in the juice such as spinach, wheat grass, dandelion greens, and collard greens. However, do not put too much of these things because it can make the juice too difficult for you to drink because of the change of taste.

A liver tonic can be a very simple yet healthy treat for your liver. One sip of a liver tonic will give out a lot of benefits to your liver and your body as a whole.


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