How To Make a Massage Oil for Sprains

Massage is the practice of soft tissue manipulation. It involves physical, functional, and psychological goals and purposes. You need to apply enough pressure when massaging. You may use your hands, feet, elbows and knees. Massaging targets tissues like the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints or other connective tissues. Some other targets are the vessels and the gastrointestinal organs.

Massage is commonly used for aching body parts and sprains. You get a sprain when you suddenly twist a part of your body like the ankle, knee or the hand. Pain is felt when you have a sprain. This is because the ligament of the body part is torn. The pain may be relieved with proper massage. It may even help with the healing of the sprain. It is then essential that you always have a massage oil handy. You may either buy it or you may make one yourself.

Here the steps on how to make massage oil for sprains:

Purchase sesame or almond oil. Sesame or almond oil is particularly made for massaging. It is designed to be used for the skin. Sesame or almond oil is called the “carrier oil” in the massage oil. You may get the sesame or almond oil in your local health stores. You may also get these oils by purchasing them online.

Purchase 100% pure essential oils. You need to get the essential oils labeled 100% pure. These oils are beneficial for the health. Never use synthetic oils as an alternative. You will not get the health benefits you may get from 100% essential oils from synthetic oils. You may also get these 100% essential oils from local therapy stores or online.

Choose the scent for the massage oil formula. Choose the scent for the massage oil that you like best. Health stores have tester bottles. Smell the scents. Choose one from the formula that is made for massaging. Some formulas have warming oils that create the feeling of heat as you massage it on the sprained area. These oils have the rose, cypress, lemongrass, lavender and celery scents.

Create the massage oil formula. Mix the sesame or almond oil with the 100% pure essential oils. After you have mixed the oils, put one tablespoon of the oil in a container, preferably a plastic bottle. Add drops of the scents that you chose for the massage oil. Shake well and make sure that all substances are mixed well.

Massage the sprained part of the body. Massage the sprained area with just the right amount of massage oil. Apply the oil carefully to avoid putting more pressure on the sprained area. Repeat massaging with oil as needed or until the sprain subsides.

If massaging the sprained area does not relieve the pain, or you notice that the swelling did not subside after a few days, it is better to consult a doctor immediately. You may need more medical assistance other than just massaging the sprained area. For sprains with severe pain or swelling, immediate medical attention may be required.


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