How To Make a Meal Plan

If you are a mom or a homemaker, having a meal plan is one of the highlights of your every day routine. Meal planning is important because it requires you to think of meals that are healthy for the family to eat.

Meal planning is a time-saving strategy. If you already have meals planned, you know what to get when you go to the market or the grocery store. Also, it gives you more time for other things to be done because you already know what to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are some simple steps on how to make a meal plan:

Make an inventory. Check what you already have in your kitchen. This will give you an idea on the meals that you can cook for the day. Making a list of what you have and don’t have will let you know what you need to get from the market or the grocery store.

Make a list of your recipes. Write down a list of the recipes that you know how to cook. This is also one way of knowing which recipes are faster to prepare if you have little time cook.

Make a list of the family’s all-time favorites. Write down the list of recipes that the family enjoys eating the most. This is a good way for you to make plan meals that may be enjoyable and fun to eat.

Make a weekly menu. Making a weekly menu saves you the hassle of taking the time to planning meals everyday. You may probably make the usual easy meals to prepare for Mondays to Fridays, especially if you are a working homemaker. Think of special meals to prepare for Saturdays and Sundays since you have more time to cook and spend time with the family.

Check your budget. Of course, you need to plan meals that are within your budget. You wouldn’t want to go over-budget. This may ruin your finances, too. Stick with the budget that you have set aside for the meals.

When we think of meals we need to prepare for the family, we need to always make sure that what we prepare is fit for the family’s health needs. Also, we must think of the amount of food that we need to prepare for each member of the family. If you belong to a big family, you need to prepare enough to feed them all to their satisfaction. If you have a small family, prepare only the right amount of food. You don’t want to waste money preparing too much food that will only go to waste. Bigger family means bigger budget for the meals. And of course, smaller family means smaller budget. With the economy that we have today, it is important that we learn the art of meal planning. Prices tend to be so high and unpredictable. We want to make sure we can keep our family healthy and satisfied with what we serve them everyday.


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