How To Make a Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is also known as an exercise ball, a med ball, or a fitness ball. It is a weighted ball that is often used for rehabilitation purposes. Medicine balls were also used for strength and conditional training in the olden times.

If you are into exercising but you don’t want to spend for a medicine ball, you may actually create your own. It is very simple and easy to make.

Here are the steps on how to make a medicine ball:

Find a basketball. You need a basketball when making a medicine ball. Just look for a basketball with the standard size.

Make an opening on the basketball. You need to make an opening on the basketball for the filling. There are two ways on how you can make the opening: make a slit with a sharp knife, or you may use a drill or an awl to make a hole. Keep the hole as small as possible. Just make sure that the funnel that you are going to use for the next step will fit in the hole that you made.

Stick the funnel in the hole. Once you are done making a hole on the basketball, you have to stick the funnel in. This is in preparation for the filling.

Choose the filler for the basketball. Choose the filler that you are going to use for your medicine ball. Any grainy substance will do. The weight of the medicine ball that you are making will depend on the type of grainy substance that you are going to use. Sand is a good option. Gravel will make your medicine ball too heavy. Rice is the lightest filler.

Fill in the basketball with the filler. After choosing the filler for your medicine ball, start filling in the basketball. Let some air out of the ball to avoid resistance. Gradually pour the grainy substance on the funnel. Stop pouring from time to time so you can let the filler settle inside the basketball. Fill in the ball until it is fully packed. Tap the ball on the floor to make sure it is already full.

Close the opening on the basketball. After fully filling in the basketball with the grainy substance, you may now remove the funnel from the hole. You may use a rubber sealer to close the opening. You may also use superglue if rubber sealer is not available. Cover the closed opening with a duct tape to emphasize the sealing.

Use duct tape on the basketball. For the final step, you need to cover the entire ball with duct tape. Start at one point of the ball, tape it around, and end at the same spot. Perpendicularly tape the basketball with the same pattern afterwards. Do the taping pattern alternately until you have finished covering the entire basketball with duct tape.

A medicine ball is proved to be very useful and handy. You may use it for multiple purposes. Keep one at home. You never know when you are going to need one.


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