How To Make a Quick and Healthy Pork Chop Dinner

Pork is one of the most commonly-eaten meats. You can do a lot of different recipes using pork. It is very versatile. It can be cooked with soup, sauce or it can be fried or grilled. But it also has a lot of fat. There are breeders who breed pigs with organic foods to make the fat thinner and healthier. Always remove the pork fat because not only will it add pounds on your body, but it can also make your blood pressure rise.

Here is a quick and easy grilled pork chop recipe that you can do at home. Grilling pork is healthy because you won’t need to use cooking oil anymore. Perfect this easy and healthy dinner menu. Here’s how.

  • Take out the pork from the freezer and thaw. While waiting for the pork to thaw, prepare a marinade. Combine soy sauce, pepper and salt, a pinch of sugar, vinegar and garlic. Set aside.
  • Boil the pork chops until soft and tender. Remove the fat because the fat contains a very high level of cholesterol that is not good for the heart and blood pressure. You would not want to eat a very fatty pork chop only to have high blood pressure afterwards.
  • After the pork is boiled, put it in the marinade for at least thirty minutes. Prepare your grill and put charcoal and start making fire by pouring a small amount of kerosene. Wait until the fire dies and the odor of the kerosene goes away and only embers of charcoal remain.
  • When the pork has marinated for a while, put it on the grill. Brush each side with the marinade while turning it over each side. Grilling also loses the fat that is in the lean meat. You will notice that the fat will drip on the charcoal.
  • Turn over the meat every few minutes to make sure that each side is cooked evenly.
  • When the pork is dark brown on each side, check the inside of the pork chop for blood by slicing into the meat. If the inside is cooked as well, put it in a plate with tissue paper to drain out excess oil and fat. Repeat the procedure with the other pieces of pork chop. Replenish the charcoal if there is not much ember for the other pieces.
  • You can garnish the pork chop with parsley on top. Serve with mashed potatoes or steamed rice.

When grilling pork or any kind of meat, it is important to remember not to burn the meat because studies show that burnt grilled meat contains carcinogens that cause cancer. If you cannot prevent the meat from burning, either because the inside is still raw or the fire is too strong, remove the burnt meat before eating. If you will fry the pork chop, remove the fat and use healthy cooking oil, like canola, corn or olive oil and drain the excess fat and oil with tissue paper before serving.


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