How To Make a Rice Sock

Do you occasionally have pain or muscle discomfort? When you need to apply compress to your muscles or any swollen parts in your body, there’s a very useful object that you can do on your own using very simple materials that can be found right in your home! This is called a rice sock. Sounds weird? Actually, as the name implies, it is a sock full of rice. What makes this very useful is because you can microwave it to use it as a hot compress or you can put in a freezer for cold compresses. How to make one? Read on and learn.

Things you will need for the rice sock:

  • Uncooked rice or flax seed – Do not use instant minute rice! These will burn in the microwave.
  • Clean cotton sock – You can use a colored sock if you want to give it some twist.
  • An old pair of panty hose – You will only need one foot of this.
  • Yarn or ribbon – Don’t use metal rings or plastic ties to tie the socks.
  • Fabric – for pillow case (optional)
  • Scented dried herbs (optional)

Now you are ready to make your rice sock. Here is how to make it:

  • Use old pantyhose as rice compartment. Use one of the feet of your old pantyhose to use as rice compartment or the inner layer of your rice sock. This will ensure that the rice won’t make their way out in between the weaves of the fabric. Be sure to use clean pantyhose before filling it up with uncooked rice. Fill only about 12 inches of the pantyhose, leave allowances for the rice to move. Don’t fully pack it. Tie the open end of the pantyhose with yarn or a thin ribbon. For a little twist, you can add scented dried herbs, lemon peels or potpourri with the rice before sealing it with the yarn.
  • Put the inner layer into the sock. Test the pantyhose rice sock first that it allows the rice inside to freely move around. Packing it too tightly would cause the rice sock to break. Put the pantyhose (inner layer) into the outer layer, which is the sock of your choice. After putting it neatly inside, tie the sock with a yarn or ribbon at the open end. If you don’t want it to have it in the shape of a foot, you can sew the toe area in so it would shape like a cylinder instead.
  • Make a pillow case. A pillow case for the rice sock is a good idea because it will keep the sock itself from soiling. Besides, you can’t wash a rice sock because the rice inside it would stick together and form hard bumps.

To make the pillowcase, just cut two equal fabrics about the size of the rice sock but put at least 2 or 3 inches allowances for stitching at all sides. You can make different designs or use colorful fabrics and the rice socks are perfect as gifts!

Remember, if you are using the rice sock as a compress, don’t touch it immediately after removing it from the microwave. You can be seriously burned. Wrap it in a towel and allow it to cool for a little while before using it. Always bear in mind that rice can burn as well so keep that microwave timer at a minimum.


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